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A small, quick mod I made in my spare time. Adds a few new spells to Edgar in the Imperial City market district. All the summons scale with the player, and the master versions last until they die.

-Conjure Mountain Lion

-Conjure Troll

-Conjure Minotaur

-Conjure Goblin Shaman and Berserker

-Conjure Land Dreugh

Reading the Tome of Unlife gives the player the spells Worm Thrall, Conjure Black Soul Gem, and Imbue Worm Thrall. Worm Thrall costs one empty black soul gem, and turns the target into a zombie slave. Conjure Black Soul Gem does exactly what it sounds like. Imbue Worm Thrall only works on a Worm Thrall. It upgrades it into a stronger version, at the cost of another empty black soul gem and 100 health. The Tome of Unlife can also be used to combine soul gems to create stronger ones, and to summon an immortal skeleton companion called Creak. Lastly, the Tome makes the player count as a necromancer, making undead and necromancers friednly, and giving a -30 modifier towards the Mage's Guild.

Reading the Mysterium Xarxes lets summon Mehrunes Dagon.

Killing Jyggalag lets you summon him.

Finding the Great Welkynd Stone and Great Sigil Stone gives the player fragments of them, which are infinite use varla and sigil stones.

Edgar also sells two new spells, True Invisibility and Hunter's Sight. True Invisibility is 150% chameleon and fortify sneak, and the spell toggles it on and off. Hunter's Sight is a toggleable version of the vampire life detect (you do not need to be a vampire).

There's a Staff of Gandalf in the Arch Mage's quarters, where Hrormir's Ice Staff was.

Thanks to Sataris and HomerSimpsonXronize on reddit for being so patient. Thanks to Wolf2 for his awesome Gandalf's Staff model.