Sneaking Advanced Beasts by Utku Yalcin
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Last updated at 2:22, 29 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 3:56, 2 Jan 2014

Sneaking beast companions with tactical choices to fit your play style.

Available in: Frost (Snow Lion) / Shade (Panther) / More coming soon!!

Frost/Shade DOES sneak with the player. He will stay in stealth until player initiates the fight, or player blows the cover. Frost/Shade wont attack the enemies even if he is right behind them, as long as player stays in sneak successfully.

Frost/Shade casts 'Chameleon' on himself the moment player gets into sneak, and reappears the moment player blows his cover in a hostile place, or player gets out of sneak himself.

Frost/Shade does NOT effect player sneak eye indicator. Being seen by him will not effect your 'sneak eye indicator'.

Frost/Shade is essential, so instead of dying, he will get unconscious. Once fight is over (if he has enough mana) he will heal himself. He has 2 tactical options which can be changed anytime:

Assassin style : Frost/Shade initiates the fights with a charge attack that KNOCKS DOWN the enemy for 1 sec. He may repeat this charge in lengthy fights after regenerating enough mana. This adds great tactical value to melee sneak attacks.

Range Style : Frost/Shade ROOTS enemy in place for 4 seconds. Using this time for extra easily aimed attacks or getting away from enemies will fit Marksman/Range Caster play styles.

Frost/Shade can be gained as a companion as soon as you advance in the main quest line to reach Cloud Ruler Temple. They will wait in the Great Hall of the Temple. 'Call Frost/Shade' spell (which summons him) will be added once you speak to him.

Activating Frost/Shade brings a menu where you can order him to: Follow, Wait, switch to Assassin combat style, switch to Range combat style.

Frost/Shade will gain your Faction Ranks for Thieves, Mages, Fighters Guilds and Dark Brotherhood when you activate him. If you join one of these guilds or gain a rank after you got Frost/Shade, by making him Wait/Follow once you can add him your new Faction Ranks.

It requires Oblivion v1.2.0416
Unzip the file, and place the CONTENTS of the 'FrostLionCompanion' folder (not the folder itself), into Oblivion/Data folder.
Then use your mod manager to activate the 'FrostCompanion.esp'

Uninstall : Deactivate the mod with your mod manager

(Same as main file) Unzip the file, place the CONTENTS of the folder into Oblivion/Data folder. Then use your mod manager to activate the relevant ESP file.

Frost and Shade Mods ARE compatible. Any future additions will be compatible with these mods as well.
You can even have both Shade and Frost company same character.

1.1 version fixed a problem with a condition in script.
1.1 fixed that problem and Frost removes his Chameleon once combat starts even if player still stays in sneak.
1.2 Frost now gains your Faction Ranks for Thieves, Mages, Fighters Guilds and Dark Brotherhood.
Archer's version added into files as optional DL.
Added Shade - Panther version as an optional file.
1.3 MASSIVE update to Frost and Shade. Now they come with a order menu where you can switch their combat style as assassin/range companion. Shade and Frost Mods fixed to be compatible. Texture update for Shade.

** Anyone updating Frost/Shade from previous version needs to replace all relevant files (mesh/texture/esp) as they all changed. Just changing .esp files will not work **

I hope you will enjoy using Frost as much as I do with my assassin, but most importantly as much as I enjoyed creating him! If you like the mod, please ENDORSE from top right corner of the page, so that other may see it on the front page.

If you have any questions or requests about companion mods please send a message, thanks!