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Oblivion Visual Immersion v6.5 (SVI for Oblivion)

Welcome the latest vearion of ENB Visual Immersion Series, by Matso. This one features a set of new effects, already known from Skyrim (SVI 6). Description of the series' features is provided therein. Note, due to the fact that Oblivion vearion is much older then Skyrim's, not all of them may work.

To properly install ENB first download binaries for Oblivion (link) and put DLL file from the wrapper package into Your main game location, i.e. where games EXE file is. Then, to the same location, put contents of any ENB preset. In Your main Oblivion directory You'll have following items:
  • enbpalette.bmp - a palette texture,
  • enbsunsprite.tga - a sun sprite texture,
  • enbeffect.fx - main postprocessing effects file,
  • enbbloom.fx - bloom effects file,
  • enbeffectprepass.fx - file where DOF effect is applied amongst other,
  • enbsunsprite.fx - sun sprite effects file,
  • enbseries.ini - a configuration file for the preset,
  • d3d9.dll - ENB binary file, most essential.

Now when You start the game in the upper left corner of Your screen should appear an info about version of ENB You are using. Note that depending on it some features will work and others not (the same goes about ENB's for different games).

As always credits goes first to Boris Vorontsov, without whom anything of this wouldn't be even possible.

Finally, I want to state that I have no problem with people using my work (I basically release it for such a purpose). Of course all I ask of You is a credit information.

Bless You,