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Lunas Quilted Outfits

*** If you enjoy this please post screen shots! ***

This adds two new outfits for HGEC A-cup. The skirts are made from quilts and they each have a matching sweater. I thought this would be a relatively lorefriendly winter outfit. I got the idea from a texture for a child's dress in a mod I use in Skyrim, and I think it turned out nicely. I would actually wear this in real life if I had it. I know I'm weird...

The outfits can be found in quilted gift boxes in the testinghall. To get there, open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes. You will teleport there, and the boxes should be up against the wall to your left. The boxes will respawn. To leave, look for the door to Hawkhaven and fast travel from there.

The ground meshes for the outfits are also quilted giftboxs, but are smaller than the containers and shaped differently.

Version 2 adds two new patterns and a new sweater type for each color combination. The new sweater is a turtle neck, and it's sleeves won't completely eat your hands. If you like the sweaters, go and thank Hepsy, because she made both.

The skirt texture can be used as a resource, as can the quilted box textures. I don't know what use you might come up with for quilted boxes, but feel free to use them. If you use my textures, please give credit and let me know.


Hepsy for both sweater meshes
Nailflan for the knit texture that I retextured
Korana for the original giftboxes
Unknown quilters for their beautiful work