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Luna's Lorefriendly Elegance

*** If you enjoy this please post screen shots! ***

This mod adds two variations of 3 outfits for HGEC and Roberts Male. The variations are similar, just a different pants/skirt option. The outfits are fitted to HGEC C-cup and Roberts Scrawny. The pants/skirt and top are combined to make a one piece outfit.

Version 2 adds two more sets of outfits.

Version 3 adds Roberts male versions of the outfits.

The outfits can be found in a matching gift box in the testinghall. To get there, open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes and you will magically teleport there. The gift box is in a corner to the left of where you enter, and will respawn. To leave, find the door to Hawkhaven. You can fast travel from there.

Feel free to put my textures on any body variation you prefer, and the gift box texture is free to use as well. If you do use my goodies, please give credit and let me know.


KafeiDotour for the Elegant Vests mod from which I got the neck scarf thing in the texture of the top and the jacket texture in version 2.
Korana for the original gift box