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Note: The custom map may not display properly without OBSE - Awaiting others to confirm this before I list it as a requirement
Welcome to the World of Strife!

New name. New lands. New weather. New cities.
Everything about Alpha 2 is new. More importantly, the construction of the overworld is finally complete, featuring a whopping 7 regions, 5 cities, and a custom world map.

The mod is set in Hyperia, the northernmost subcontinent of Strife. To go there, fast travel to the Chestnut Handy Stables, where a portal waits nearby. This portal will take the player character to the Frostfang Mountain Caves, which acts as the central hub between all of Hyperia's regions. Be sure to read the note I've left behind for you there..

I understand it's been almost a full year since the last update, and I hope that you will have found this content worth the wait. I am still working alone, and my goal is to release 1-2 updates per year - with each one focused on the completion of another full stage of development as opposed to rushed, bite-sized pieces each month, as I have received community feedback in favor of slower, but more complete updates. All that said, while you are touring the world, please feel free to send me your own feedback (and screenshots). Any opinion is greatly appreciated, and will go a long way towards helping improve my work.

Thanks again for your continued interest in this amazing journey of three years,

- Mod Author, ZekAonar

The following files must be moved from the downloaded archive to "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data":
- Strife.esp
- textures
- meshes

To Zerowin, for supplying his unique "Stormwind" set of textures and meshes used to develop Tyrendar