My Little Mansion by BloodFists
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My Little Mansion, by Bloodfists
About Mod: ( See screenshots ) Had this awhile, thought I'd share.
A roomy 3 floor level home with 3 beds, Master bed on top floor,
Nice kitchen area with drawers for bowls, silverware etc.
Plenty of equipment and item storage, (personalized) for your item needs.
Has NPC Merchant, she buys all your items, sells misc items from weapons to potions.
Plus she also recharges and repairs and sells some spells. Her items have been really good for me.
The ONLY thing I notice is this. Once in awhile her shop icon will go away but the others are there. I go outside and wait a few hours, save come back in and its there again. Glitch? Other than that it works fine. I checked her twice. She's set up the way I was told to set her up.
Lighthouse tower with carpeted sitting area and snack cupboard on top. Underground passage door in kitchen.
House, sets on an Island of it's own with bridge access. Map Marker included. Has big dock, boats.
Dock chest filled with non spawing loot. Dont remember what was in it. Snap!
Containers should NOT respawn. Checked them several times.
I currently use this mod and have not encountered ANY problems.
Requirement's: Should be none, I didnt use anything from SE.
Copy esp to data file, and enjoy. Spent 4 days on this when it was built.
I wasn't gonna release but though why not, that'd be selfish. :)
If you dont like it, dont be rude just move on okay. I worked my butt off on this.
LEGAL: You may use this freely but I do want credit please.
Credits: Bethesda, NMM, Nexus, and Myself.