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Populates the cities, the roads, inns, bars, baths(BC only), shops and chapels with generic NPCs.
Supports "Better Cities" (Open Better Cities option is supported as well).

- Adds generic NPCs to all the major cities including Anvil Bay, IC Waterfront, Bliss and Crucible.
- Adds generic NPCs to inns, guilds, shops, chapels and, if you have Better Cities installed, baths.
- Supports "Better Cities" and "Open Better Cities". NPCs visit the new places added by BC.
- Supports "Kvatch Rebuilt".
- Each NPC gets custom AI Package assigned dynamically, making the cities look functioning.
- Population increase/decrease dynamically based on the time and the weather conditions.
- The population number can be tweaked via ini file.
- You will find all 21 standard class traveling on the roads in Tamriel and Shivering Isles.
- Hair, hair-colour, eyes, height are randomly set to each NPC.

- Bearded-NPC option
If you have Equipable Beards by taylorsd and my Tail-Slot Equipment Helper installed, setting "set extVar.bBeard to 0" to "set extVar.bBeard to 1" in Extras.ini enables NPCs to have a beard. You don't need to activate "Equipable Beards" esp since we only need its resources.

Supported mods
Better Cities (Open Better Cities as well) by Max Ischreyt aka Bananasplit-Wolfslady-Reckless-SilentResident-Vorians-Ismelda-Nernie-Sigurd
Kvatch Rebuilt by Kvatch Rebuit Team
Immersive Weapons by Ironman5000

4.1 updates
- Fixed: The mod won't work when Better Cities is not installed.
- Fixed: [BC] A temporary fix for The Arboretum Hotel issue.