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A new class has arrived to Oblivion, and is looking for members! The Seekers are known for being scattered and not focused on one group of skills. The Seekers are also known for their special spells for each of their greatest skills. They specialize in stealth, and Intelligence and Agility are their favored attributes. Armorer, Blade, Destruction, Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile, and Security are their major skills. They have 7 lesser powers, each relating to one of their major skills. Each spell costs 25 magicka. The spells are listed below:
Name of Spell
What it Does

Summon Hammers
Summons 10 hammers for you to use. If you break one, it will remove the necessary amount of hammers so you have the same amount of hammers as you did before, unless you broke more than 10.

Bound Seeker's Dagger
Summons the Seeker's Dagger for you to use. The dagger does 2 damage and absorbs 10 points of health, magicka, and fatigue. After casting this spell 100 times, you get the dagger permanently. (Upon getting the dagger permanently, you may get an upgraded version, depending on your level.)

Mass Curse
All enemies within 25 feet of you lose 5 points of health for 4 seconds.

Light Armor
Bound Seeker's Helmet
Summons the Seeker's Helmet for you to use. The helmet is light armor, and has an Armor Rating of 3. It has enchantment that absorbs 20 points of magicka, and has a detection range of 100 feet. (Upon getting the helmet permanently, you may get an upgraded version, depending on your level.)

Archery Boost
Fortifies your marksman skill by 25 for 30 seconds.

Charms the actor 50 points for 30 seconds.

Summon Lockpicks
Summons 10 lockpicks for you to use. Has the same function as Summon Hammers.

The only conflicts I can think of will be with the Summon Seeker's Dagger and Seeker's Helmet spells. The Summon Helmet spell occupies the Bound Armor Extra 01 slot. The Summon Dagger occupies the Bound Weapon Extra 10 slot. If another mod uses these slots, you can disable those mods or move the slots around so you can have all of your mods working in harmony.
Have fun using the new spells in your game!