Inappropriate Sexual Comments by KRavansh
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Added: 08/12/2013 - 05:18PM
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This simple modification modifyingly modifies Oblivion so that it eliminates all skill and attribute-based comments except for the following.

"Look at the muscles on you!"
"Seems you've bloodied your knuckles a few times."
"Looks like you're handy with a blade."
"You're a fit one. Been running a lot?"
"You've got some nimble fingers. What have you been getting into?"

Essentially this is a variation of the "No More Annoying Comments About Your Skills" mod.

I was considering the following as well

"You look skilled in Alteration. Maybe you can teach me something."
"Your shield arm looks strong."
"I heard you know how to move in light armor."

But I decided against the shield and light armor ones because they aren't blatant enough.

You might be wondering why I left the comment about Alteration in there. You may also be wondering how someone can LOOK skilled in Alteration, or why even mundane nonmagical people such as guards would want you to teach them a magical skill. I wondered just that until I realized what a master of Alteration might think to do with his magical skills. But I ultimately decided against this one because in my experience, I have noticed that it tends to be favored over more blatant comments such as, "Look at the muscles on you!"


Copy the damn file into your Oblivion installation folder's "Data" folder, and then place a check next to it in the "Data Files" section of Oblivion's loading screen launcher thing. If you use wrye bash, you already know how to install it.

I don't even remember how oblivion mod manager works after converting to wrye bash so long ago, so I have no instructions for it. If anyone wants to make an oblivion mod manager version of this, be my guest; be my guest; put my service to the test!