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Added: 01/12/2013 - 04:14AM
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Last updated at 23:40, 5 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 4:14, 1 Dec 2013

12/07/2013: This mod is now completely 100% free to do with what you want, no permission credit needed so enjoy. I leaned how to create npc's and merchants and this was my practise mod.
I will leave it up for those who may want it.
Home: a beta test mod.
COMPANION home version added. Same mod just adds new home and new features.
First, this is my first attempt. Nothing fancy but it works good and looks nice.
SEE screenshots. If for some reason an esp file is missing let me know. They should both
be there though. Works good for me, I hope it should work good for you.
Another update will be available soon. That update will be the FINAL update. It was suggested to me to add these thing's in the final release. I will post in comments when its released.
Simply add esp to your data file. Use archive invalidation.
3 esp's: Home Original and Home which has Gods Equipment which is Elven Armor, but done with
Powerful Stats and Grand Enchantments, Most powerful in the game too. Un balancing? Yes a bit but fun. Thats why it says, OPTIONAL. The chest is in your player home in bedroom.
Final esp: update adds magic shop. Tested this mod several times works fine on my end. No Bugs here.
If you are having a problem losing items I cant understand why. I still have everything. I can only suggest you seek the forums for help. I apologize for any problems on your end.
Adds an island type area to the waterfront,
with a player home, a protected pond, and 3 shops.
The home is fully furnished with plenty of personalized storage containers, cozy and nice.
The shops:
Callies shop buys everything, sells some very much needed potions, a few ingredients, some other different things, and a couple of rare items.
Barret's shop sells beginner (FULL) armor and weapon sets and arrows and a maybe a few other things too. Cant remember. :)
He also offers services like repair and recharge.
Cammy's shop sells clothing of all kinds and even some nice jewelry as well.
Aerith's Magic Shop sells lotsa spells, ingredients, etc and buys them too.
Oh..! In the bottom of the pond is a Very Hard Locked Chest with good loot, and one of the big fish has good loot too.
The fishies stats were raised a bit. No problem tho.
As I said this a beta test mod... I might add some
other homes with NPC's in them later. For now, this is it. It is basic, nothing fancy,
but it works pretty good. No bugs.
Legal: Feel free to edit this in the TES to your liking.
If you wish to use this somewhere else or upload just ask. :)
Credits: Nexus Mods, Bethesda, and the Tes Cons.