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Qaws Race Pack
By: Qawsed Asap

What this mod provides is a series of beast races. Reason behind this mod creation is because I held this project off for over two years and its just sat in my hard drive. With that said:



-Before install this mod, its a good idea to install the UOP, an alternate start mod, or a mod that would let you use a race mod.

-Uninstall all race mods and patches from my previous mods before installing this one.

-Just place the Meshes, Texture, and the esp file into the Data Folder.

-In the extra folder, there are Body Replacer folder, Npc Patch folder, and Screenie folder. If one is using a body replacer mod, go to the Body Replacer folder and pick the folder, open it and drop the Texture folder into the Data Folder. For best result, go to the Oblivion.ini found in My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion. Open up the Oblivion.ini and switch the bFaceGenTexturing from 1 to a 0, just like this:


-If you don't like it, just turn the bFaceGenTexturing on. Oh, and its censored/no extra texture glorifying the body.

-Now then, if you do not like being the only [Insert Beast Race in this mod] in Cyrodiil, go to the Npc Patch folder. There is a patch for the following:
Crowded Roads Revisited (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20575)
Crowded Roads Advanced (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18251)
Any of the Crowded Cities mod the with the Crowded Cities 15.esp and Crowded Cities 30.esp Like the following:
CM Partners (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/7819)

-It is important that if you use any other of the extra patch or esp that you place them AFTER the Qaws Race Pack Beta.esp in the load order. Like this for example:

-Qaws Race Pack Beta
-Some mod
-Some Other Mod
-Qaws Road Patch Revisited
-CM Qaws Beast Race Companion
-Some mod that you forgot it exist


With that out of the way, lets discuss what other things this mod has to offer:

-The race comes with beast leg already place when the player create the PC. If one does not like the beast feet for some reason (like wanting to wear boots or a whole body armor that uses all the slots), then use the "Remove Feet" spell provided to you. This will remove the Beast Feet and you could wear any boots you like. If you want to use the beast foot again, use the spell "Beast Mode".

-I made this mod with the latest patch and the crowded mods. I do not know if there is any other mods that would conflict with this mod.

-As for body replacer, it comes in Vanilla, HGEC/Exnem, Robert Male, Robert Female, and Fantasy Figure. Vanilla is just a place holder and I would recommend replacing it with a body mod asap.

The Attribute, Skill, and Race information are found in the read me


Race List:
Based Upon: German Shepherd

Based Upon: Dalmatian

Based Upon: Doberman Pinscher

Drover Collies
Based Upon: Border Collie

Based Upon: Striped Hyena

Based Upon: Term Dog and Peach in Japanese

Based Upon: Yellow Labrador

Based Upon: Certain Blue Fox

Based Upon: Raccoon

Based Upon: Spotted Hyena

Based Upon: Tasmanian tiger

Based Upon: Wolves


Update notice

1.0 - Initial Release


MrBob: His resource, MrBob's Oblivion Modders Resource, was the start I need to begin this mod!
Cerath: For the pattern of the Skyrim Khajiit and inpsired me to start doing race mods!
artifex: The foot script and the Robert texture Base was helpful!
SithDagger: For using his Lilmothiit's Exnem Texture as a base!
scanti: For the Merged Teeth Resource!
Maker of HGEC/Exnem, Robert M/F, and Fantasy Figure: For making the awesome body replacer mod!
Cutthroat Mod/Blackie: For making CM Partners Mod Basic
Maker/Improver of Crowded Cities/Road mods: for making Cyrodiil a less desolated place!
Oblivious12123: Use eye as base until a set was added!
KyneTarse: For the source of Toggleable Nighteye!
Cernasite: For the wonderful eye set!
Ren: For the Awesome Hair set!
Vanilla-Beans: For the VB Hair set!
kakashisensei2000: for the Short Layered Hair!
Lucha and Anto: for the Coolsims Hair Pack!
Geechan: Animal Eye Packs!
Razorpony: For the Paws!
Bethesda Softworks: For making Oblivion and its CS possible!
Maker of Photoshop and Niftool: For the awesome tools!
Angelinaharijau: For the Dalmation Spot Brush!
You: For actually reading this Readme and downloading this mod!

I hope I did not miss anyone, because that would be a real shame if I did. Anyways, enjoy the mod!