Blessed Imperials - A Paladin Race Mod by Ultimadwarf
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Added: 22/11/2013 - 06:05AM
Updated: 22/11/2013 - 06:43PM

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Last updated at 18:43, 22 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 6:05, 22 Nov 2013

Adds "Blessed Imperial" race which contains various spells and abilities that a Paladin/Crusader would use.

WARNING/OPTIMAL: Get an "Alternative" Start mod to be able to play without using warps

Lore?: Blessed Imperials are normal Imperials who have developed well while growing, not showing any signs of evil, keeping bad deeds to a minimum. A small amount of these Imperials are blessed by the divines with holy magic at 16 years of age, allowing them special powers as they grow and abilities no others could gain. Many became priests, others became guardians, some became champions. But as the oblivion crisis stars, Dagon seeks most of the Blessed out and has them assassinated by his followers because he knew they would try to stop him. You are one of the few that kept in hiding long enough to live.

Very new mod ofc so many balancing to come! More spells to come to such as heals. Please give suggestions for other spells or balancing problems.

Current on and only original imperial power

Intervention: Invisibility and 100% shield for 10 seconds

List of Spells:

NOVICE ( 0 )
Blessing of Might
+10 Strength for 180 seconds
School: Restoration
Cost: 50

TOUCH: 2 Fire Damage/s for 9 seconds in a radius of 10
School: Destruction
Cost: 20

Holy Burn
TOUCH: 17 Fire Damage
School: Destruction
Cost: 25

TOUCH: Turn Undead up to level 25 for 5 seconds
School: Conjouration
Cost: 15

Flash Heal
SELF: Heals 27 health
School: Restoration
Cost: 65

Blessing of Wisdom
+10 Willpower for 180 seconds
School: Restoration
Cost: 50

TARGET: Silence plus 2 Fire Damage/s for 3 seconds
School: Illusion
Cost: 30

Divine Haste
+100 Speed and Agility for 3 seconds and 1 Fire Damage/s for 10 seconds
School: Restoration
Cost: 150

Holy Wrath
TOUCH: 45 Fire Damage
School: Destruction
Cost: 80

Mass Concecration
TOUCH: 7 Fire Damage/s for 9 seconds in a radius of 10
School: Destruction
Cost: 120

SELF: Heals 4 health and fatigue/s for 18 sec
School: Restoration
Cost: 120

EXPERT ( 75 )
Divine Stand
+100% Shield for 5 seconds
School: Alteration
Cost: 200

Overwhelming Light ( May or may not be OP )
SELF: Heals 130 health
School: Restoration
Cost: 390

Blessing of Kings
+5 Agility, Endurance and Intelligence for 180 seconds
School: Restoration
Cost: 50

I don't know wether this mod would be considered "Lore Friendly" as I don't dabble in lore much so I'm setting it to Not.

Install instructions on the Readme!

P.S Post pics if you got spare time! I don't see much need to since the main attraction is spells which I've listed out every detail and the race ( atleast for now ) remains visually the same.