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PLEASE feel free to request features for this mod, many of he features of this release are by request. LIKEWISE report bugs so I can fix them ;)


Aero ENB v2.0

-TES4 Oblivion


This is my personal ENB Preset and OBGE Setup for Oblivion. It bring the visuals into the modern era while maintaining Oblivion's original color scheme but equally has presets talored to other styles.


-Orginal, Cinematic, Vivid, Bleak, and Realistic Preset
-Advanced Colorcorection
-Advanced Bloom and HDR
-Better/Detailed Shadows
-Sun Rays
-Lens Effects
-Advanced Sunsprite
-SMAA (See Optional Section Below)
-FXAA (See Optional Section Below)
-OBGE with POM and SSS (Fixes first person tranperancy except Shadow Blur on Actors)
-and anything else you see I forgot to mention... ;)

Wrapper vs Injector and OBGE:

The major difference is that the Wrapper version doesn't allow programs that add screen overlay to work, i.e. it crashes Oblvion with them enabled, and to me there is a slight performance increase but by 1-2fps. Injector allows for these programs, like Steam, MSIAfterburner, ect. to be enabled

OBGE causes a slight performance hit, 1-2fps, but otherwise doesn't have much impact. Also all OBGE effect and module Liquid Water is incompatible until stated otherwsie (7/14/13)

For better water try this mod: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41599


1a-SMAA is located in the options folder, simply extract to your Obilvion Directory with the preset.

1b-FXAA is located in the options folder, simply extract to your Oblivion Directory with the preset.

2-Injector version patch-Install Injector version original ENB insted of Wrapper version then install this in your Oblivion Directory.

3-OBGE, POM and Skin. Install to Oblivion directory, and the INI I use if you wish to your My Games/Oblivion directory.


Oblivion 1.2.416
Oblivion ENB v181


1.Install Oblivion ENB v181 Wrapper or Injector to Oblivion Directory

2a.Copy your perfered preset to Oblivion Directory. Overwrite when prompted

2b.If using Letterbox, open enbeffect.fx and set the values in "float2 fvTexelSize = float2(1.0 / 1600.0, 1.0 / 900.0);" changing 1600 to your resolution width and 900 to your resolution height

2c.Tweak enbsunsprite.fx's settings to fit you if you think it is to much

2d.If your having flickering problems, disable SSII under the SSAO settings to fix this, or set waitbusyrender=true but that causes a huge fps hit

3.Install options in the Optional folder of your choice, including Injector patch for Injector version

4.Enable HDR and Actor Self Shadows in Oblivion for ENB to work

5.Set bGrassPointLighting=1, bDrawShaderGrass=1, and bShadowsOnGrass=1 in Oblvion INI to allow proper Grass Render and Shading


1.Remove all ENB files (enbeffect.fx, ect.) and d3d9.dll from Oblivion Directory

2.Remove all OBGE files from Oblivion directory


Boris Vorontsov-For ENB
Matso- Letterbox code
Kyokushinoyama-Extensive Shaders for ENB Series
ShadeMe and the whole OBGE team-For OBGE
Bethesda-For Oblivion
AeroPhonicsOfficial-For the Preset and Tweaks