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Added: 09/11/2013 - 07:52PM
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Last updated at 4:14, 5 May 2014 Uploaded at 19:52, 9 Nov 2013

This mod is an attempt to address some of the issues associated with using CM-based partners by adding a lesser power spell to the player's spell list that adds or deletes items and spells that partners may have, that cause many of the freezes/crashes/issues when using CM-based partners in Oblivion.

List of issues that this mod addresses:

Share "freeze" issue - The is caused by trying to access a partner's inventory, via the "share" command, when if the partner has a bound weapon/armor spell active. Bound weapons are pretty much useless for partners, as the player usually equips partners with weapons, armor, and items as he sees fit.

*Fix* - Removes all the stock bound weapon/armor spells from the partners spell list. Custom bound item spells are not and will not be added to the spell script because of the unlimited variations that can exist.

Repair "freeze" issue - This is caused by the player commanding the partner to "repair" and the partner has equipped an enchanted item at the time of the command and does not have an armorer rating of at least "journeyman".

*Fix* - Adds an ability to the partner that gives the partner an armorer rating of at least "journeyman" and a repair hammer (just in case).

Partner attacking player (or other partner) for no apparent reason/Player not able to give partner commands - This caused by improper partner personality/aggression assignment.

*Fix* - Adds the partner to custom factions that raises the partner's disposition toward the player (and other partners) and adjusts aggression, responsibility, and confidence to proper values.

Partners not executing ai packages, such as eating/drinking - This is caused by the partner not having the required items in its inventory to run the packages.

*Fix* - Adds the required items to the partner's inventory to execute the packages. Custom ai package items are not and will not be added to the spell script because of the unlimited variations that can exist.

**This mod does not fix all the issues, such as missing dialog, associated with CM Partners. The only way to truly address all of the issues is to edit the original CM Partners mod, which I am not at liberty to do.

How to apply the fixes - Cast the lesser power spell, named "CM Partner Decrashification", on the partner you wish to "decrashify". :)

CM Partners Mod Basic

*An enhanced version is available for Cross Goodies users, as an addon. It can be found on the Cross Goodies page.

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