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Sinerion v1.7 by River_Sprite

Requires Shivering Isles,
Robert's Male Body Replacer,
Robert's Female Body Replacer,
and either the Unofficial Oblivion Patch or Custom Race Fix

Sinerion is an overpowered race mod designed for mages. They\'re cool looking, have insanely skewed stats, a plethora of starting spells, can one hit kill wolves and bandits with their starter fireball, and once I got one hit killed by a rat.

Male | Female
Str: 30 | 30
Int: 65 | 65
Wil: 65 | 65
Agi: 30 | 25
Spd: 45 | 40
End: 20 | 20
Luc: 40 | 40
Per: 25 | 35

Powers: Resist Magic 50%, Fortify Magicka 100

Sinerion Armour:
Bound Boots, Cuirass, and Greaves for 120 seconds

Sinerion Flame:
Fire Damage magnitude 12 for 2 seconds on target

Sinerion Heal:
Restore 5 health for 10 seconds

Sinerion Invisibility:
Invisibility for 20 seconds

Sinerion Scamp:
Summon a Scamp for 45 seconds

The Sinerion were once Breton who chose to seclude themselves on a small island to experiment with their magic and attain more magical power. This worked, and over time magic has fused itself into their very bodies, but at a cost. They became sickly and frail, but deemed their newfound abilities worth the price.

Sinerion can cast spells from the age of two, and spent their whole lives honing their talent.

Sinerion aren\'t found anywhere but their tiny island off the coast of Daggerfall, except for you, who left to explore Cyrodiil and promptly got yourself arrested. Good on you.

Extract contents to your \"...\\Oblivion\\Data\" directory. Enable the ESP file in the Oblivion Launcher, or Oblivion Mod Manager.

Planned Features:
Add support for HGEC
Adjust their starting spells and powers
Create an OMOD
Add a sight bonus, something that accounts for their funky eye
Add a questline

v1.7 - Lessened starter spell costs, brightened body tattoos, no longer uses the breton magic resist directly, fixed a typo
v1.6 - Adjusted eye, face, and body textures, readme is now 50% less obnoxious
v1.5 - Adjusted stats again, made funky eye glow
v1.4 - Added corean hairs, made new eye and face textures
v1.3 - Added custom eye, hair, and face textures
v1.2 - Adjusted stats, added custom spells
v1.1 - Now requires Roberts, male and female
v1.0 - Original release