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UPDATE: Added Map Location Marker, fixed two reported bugs.

Very Large Dungeon, with a classic RPG feel. High Level Gameplay, many unique Bosses, Weapons, & Environments. Main Goals: Fun, Challenge, Unique Loot, when you win, you feel Very Satisfied! Over 25 new cells added, I have done A LOT of testing, making sure doors are all good, maps, containers, and AI behavior. :-) Should be a Great Experience for those who have been waiting for a dungeon that has that Old School RPG feel to it! Boss fight at end is Very Tough! If you cannot best the dungeon come back later after you have gotten more powerful or turn the difficulty down. Should only require Oblivion, however I do have KotN & SI installed, but did not check them in con kit while constructing dungeon. FYI. If you defeat Overlord Grixis he possess two to three Very powerful New Sigil Stones. :-) ****A FINAL NOTE**** I personally recommend a texture re-placer for my new dungeon ------>Name: Ayleid Ruins Replacer for NBB2 Version: 1.0 Category: Models and Textures *** Author: AltheaR ***