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A Modders Resource pack containing re-textured boardwalk and dock pieces.

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      Regional Boardwalk & Dock Pieces
                   A Modder Resource Package

My personal take on how the waterfront dock pieces would look if built with regional materials.
While working on a shipping mod project I ended up creating quite a few waterfront related
pieces which included docks and boardwalks retextured with regional stone and wood. For others
who wish to create waterfront mods, or enhance existing waterfront mods, these pieces may prove


It always bothered me that vanilla Oblivion re-used many of the same basic resources for every area
of the game. One of my priorities in personal use mods has been revamping various pieces with
regional textures. So when I began working on the ships I quickly found myself (quite unintentionally)
working on dock pieces as well. The generic Anvil dock pieces worked fine in the Gold Coast. But I
wanted the other regions to have architecture which reflected the materials they had on hand.

Included here is a full set of boardwalk and dock pieces for each of the other 3 waterfront areas in
the game. Each set is made using regional vanilla stone and wood textures. I did tweak a few textures
to make them work properly on the boardwalk pieces, and in the case of IC boardwalks had to adjust
UV maps slightly to make the cobblestone tile properly. But they are still, with one exception, all
vanilla textures. So Bravil docks for example use Bravil stone and wood.


There are folders for each of the waterfront areas...Bravil, Imperial City, and Leyawiin. Each folder
will contain 1 each of the following meshes:



These are meshes and textures only. You will need to create new items in the Construction Set in
order to use these resources. It is assumed the end user already knows how to do that. For those
new to modding the basic steps are as follows:

1.Drop the contents into your Oblivion Data Folder, or integrate into your mod files via a mod manager

2. Open up the construction set and create new items using the meshes supplied in this package

3. Example - Load CS. Find AnvilBoardwalk01 in the statics section. Double click to open the dialogue
    box. Click on the button with the .nif name and point it to one of the new meshes from this package.
    Rename and click OK. You will be asked if you want to create a new object...say YES. DO NOT save
    changes to vanilla objects unless you want to change every instance of that object in your game.

4. Place the new items wherever you want them. 

5. Save your new plugin file.


Bethesda                  - for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope and GIMP    - for the tools that made this possible.
LHammonds             - for the readme generator this file was based on
me                           - for textures, and the time it took to assemble all this stuff

Legal Stuff

These materials are being distributed as a free to use Modder Resource package. Use in your own projects
requires no additional permissions. I do ask that you mention me in your credits as a small courtesy. If you
would like to send me a pm so I can check out your mod, that would be nice also...but is entirely optional.