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This adds a small quest with some possible endings + a movie based temple to Elsweyr

Permissions and credits
Apocalypse Now Quest-mod by Betty
This is my first mod.


Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina
Reapers Anequina Manor

If you don't have the mods, I don't know what would happen. The quest-giver would probably be in the middle of nowhere,
and indeed in the middle of Elsweyr.
The quest to find the target would be very difficult, as the target has no quest marker, and the things the quest-giver discribes you are not there.
The Temple-Mod would not work at all.
Installation: Just drag the esps and the folders into the Oblivion/Data folder.
Load order :
The Quest.esp has to load before any esp that changes the PC/NPCs look.
I know it is annoying. Sorry. Publish was not planned. This esp had the bald hairstyle in it. I deleted it, cleaned it with Tes4Edit but the race-changes
are still there.
Compatibility: Compatible with anything that does not change the same cell.
What this mod does:
I've made a small quest, which is based on the movie Apocalypse Now. Of course, only as far as it was possible with the CS
and as far as it would fit into the world of TES.
The quest-giver is in Orcrest and should be easy to find.
This quest provides several choices, one end is bad, one is good and one is the best.
Of course you may play through all possibilities :)
Easter egg:
Is included. It is for male only, not lore friendly (you don't have to use it or even see it) and it only looks good with
'roberts male body'
Iliana for: Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina
Reaper9111 for: Reaper's Anequina's Manor V_3
Sen-chan for: Robert Male Muscular Stock Clothing and Armor
Actually a much more elaborately designed camp, with tribe, animals, corpses and so on... belongs to this mod.
All to match the movie. It is even helpful to wait for the night, to finish the Quest.

BUT: I made the complete design in the original "Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina"
I never planned a publication... The file is 30MB in size and of course, not mine.

There might be some grammar mistakes here and in the mod. I'm German.

Mod will be updated