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Ayleid Home by, Zaethen
Player home close to Bog Water camp in the SE part of the map
on a small island across a bridge. A map marker has been included.
Very roomy interior, very light decoration. ( Decorate inside to your liking. )
Player bedroom area, Alchemy and Potions area, Kitchen area.
Recycle barrel, Armory storage for all your weapons and armor. (not filled)
A unique remake of the Umbra sword, different stats, name. Powerful.
Companion bedroom area, Generous storage throughout. Clean.
Requirement's: SE maybe but not sure if I used anything from SE unless
the water fountain outside is from there.
BONUS: This is still a work in progress ( beta test ). I will add a finished update later. Kavatch Cleaned up esp. I just spent a few hours and cleaned up the inside of the castle. No more trash/fires, and fixed/removed items.
It's probably even livable now. Look's good. Will add pic's soon, sorry. :/
Install: copy esp(s) to data file, remove to uninstall.
Legal: If you wish to use the Ayleid Home esp in another mod, modify any part of the mod please give me credit, I spent a lot of time on this. Enjoy
Credits: Bethesda, TES Construction Set, Nexus