Lunas Lorefriendly Middle Class Clothes by Lunasprite13
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Luna's Lorefriendly Middle Class Clothes

This adds a few outfits for HGEC and Roberts Male that are retextured from vanilla clothes. They add a few more colors to the world without completely breaking the lore of the game. They are all one piece outfits, and are fitted to the HGEC C-cup body for female, and Roberts Scrawny for male. Feel free to use my textures for whatever body variations you want, but please credit me and let me know about your mod.

The outfits are in a chest in the Testing Hall. To get there open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes. The chest is around the corner from where you teleport in. To get out, look for the door to HawkHaven. You can fast travel from there. That door is next to where you teleport in.

Version1 .5 adds Icons for the outfits.

Version 2 adds Roberts Male versions

Version 2.5 fixes the weird issue with the male clothes being really shiny and horrible looking. There was a problem with the normal maps, which is now fixed. Everything else is the same as before.


RAIAR and MadCat221 for the HGEC body
Robert2 for Roberts Male Body