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Added: 20/09/2013 - 07:49PM
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На русском языке: http://tesall.ru/files/file/5330-gorv-resource-pack/

It is a resource pack for my mods. You can use this without my permission, just give me credit. All items are included into .esm file, however, you may take only textures.

Oblivion GOTY

Extract to the Data folder.

Version 1.0
Contains weapons (swords, claymores, maces, bows, arrows) for guards of each town, akaviri bow, akaviri arrows and one robe. All items are based on vanilla models, I've just retextured them.
Version 1.1
Added two new lowerclass robes to the esm. file, reduced the size.
Version 1.2
New textures for quivers to look more realistic.
Version 1.2.1
New textures for akaviri arrows and small fixes.
Version 1.3
Added Council and cancellor's robes.
Version 1.4
Added Forester Cuirass, Blades and Imperial Servant clothing.

-to Trollf for his textures of robes
-to Bad Andy for the texture of Forester Cuirass