The Imperial Ecology by Discovery1
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Added: 20/09/2013 - 12:01AM
Updated: 30/06/2017 - 11:31AM

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Last updated at 11:31, 30 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 0:01, 20 Sep 2013

This mod replaces several of the games flora textures. I have added new grasses throughout tamriel and created new snowy ones for the winter regions like the jerral mountains. The heathers, gorses and ferns have had the treatment as well, and I have gone for a more verdant look throughout which in my opinion is a more natural one.
You will see swathes of blackbery bushes resplendant with ripe berries contrasted against white convulvulus throughout the west weald as far as silorn.
county kvatch up to the imperial reserve is adorned with scrub weed amongst the grasses and lilac
Blackwood is now a more lush environment with new ferns struggling to unfurl amongst the foliage.
I have included 3 different nif sizes for the cat tails to give a less regimental look.
The ground ivy is replaced by a less shiny more organic texture and the groundcover has also been redone.
You may well spot wild arum on your travels, my favourite wild plant, it grows in my area in early spring and when spring arrives I will be looking for more opportunities to upgrade the specific texture which at the moment is courtesy of google....indeed, I will be striving to improve and incorporate better textures in the future.
I have not replaced any individual flowers as yet and probably wont although the groundwildplant 1 is now a nice little dandelion plant replete with \\\"blowballs\\\" as tob calls them.

I have tested this mod with hdr, bloom and vibrant weather and have settled on sweet fx bloom along with vibrant weather compromise edition with 15 % shadows.
The use of hdr and vibrant weather gives a real eye candy look to the textures but I prefer not to use hdr as it destroys some of the texture subtletys.

version 2 is uploaded.

Changes include more realistic grasses, jasmine, labelia and many more. some plants have been removed to improve on the overall quality and aesthetics.
All textures have been "solidified" with Flaming pears wonderful photoshop plugin and there are no halos to be seen!
The overall quality is superior to version 1 and the blend of plants, grasses and weeds is improved.
There are 4 new ground wild plants and where I thought it would improve the look, I have added better normal maps.

To get the best possible look to this mod I would recomend the use of villemats "vibrant weather", it does not matter if you use hdr or bloom or sweet fx or the lot. His mod improves the look of the game either way. To get a real sense of reality I use obge v3 crisis dof and crisis ssao. Both of these will trash your fps unless you have a decent card!!!!

The inspirations for this mod are brittainys "lush and gaudy" series and further back, vurts morrowind overhaul.
Also Alimals Ubanga, the mod which in the true spirit of bethesda games, enhances the free choice and open world of gaming.

05/11/2013 verion 2 update added. 2 new long grasses and other eye candy.

my grass ini ...


This mod will not suit everybody, only those wanting a more natural, ecological feel to their game.


always back up your plant mesh and texture folders, also relevant landscape files as well before installing this mod or any mod of this type.
Extract the files to a place of your choice and drag and drop the files into the oblivion/data folder. overwrite when required. Archive invalidation may be nessecary by use of Oblivion mod manager or nexus mod manager.

This mod is dedicated to all the fellow travellers I have met on the nexus site. I am grateful to you all for your friendship.