Brotherhood Home by Drakkz
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Added: 11/09/2013 - 11:39PM
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" Brotherhood Home " by Drakkz.
(Beta testing)
Description: ( see screenshots )
First, This does NOT interfere with the mission..tested it.
I always liked the layout of this house so I decided
why not. I'm happy I did. Having many homes, this one wins.
I cleaned it inside, the basement is still cobwebby with a few
added features. Should be companion friendly, did the gridpath fix and stuff too.
Their seem to be no conflict's either.
Plus, you dont have to join the brotherhood if you dont want too.
I left the lighting pretty much alone.
Features: Two beds, clean interior nicely decorated,
nice kitchen, generous sorted storage for all your items.
Basement: Vampire/Disease cure potions,
coffin stocked with ingrediants.
Copy esp to data file, place a check by it in MM, enjoy.
Kind criticism is welcomed, rudeness ignored.
Credits: Bethesda as always and Tes Construction Set
Legal: Free to use, just give credit please.