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Why, (Purpose)
What, (Description)
When, (Updates/Changelog)
Where, (Location)
Who, (Credits)

Why? (does this mod exist)
I wanted my customized Vilja (Kaleen Race, see screenshot) companion (or any future Kaleen PCs I make) to have hooves in her Casual Gear because I already have Stock Greaves that were converted for hooves (See recommended mods). And I decided to share it.

Why TGND body? Cus its the body replacer I'm using on this install of Oblivion.

What? (does this mod do)
This mod adds a Cloth Sack on the ground next to a pillar in front of "The Guilded Carafe" & "The Best Defense" shops in the Imperial City, Market District. (See Location Screenshots)

Inside the sack are Skirts and Outfits of Vanilla Oblivion fitted to the TGND body by Luchaire now with Hooves.

-THIS IS NOT A REPLACER! It Adds items. It doesn't replace the stock clothes. But it does use their textures.
-All affected skirts have been changed to take up Lower body and Foot equipment Slots.
-All affected Outfits have been changed to take up Upper/Lower body and Foot equipment Slots.
-Original conversion is from Luchaire's TGDN Female Body and Clothing Replacer.
-New Models only for Female (N)PCs.
-If worn on Male (N)PCs, they will be barefoot as the item's take up the foot slot.
-The Sack includes 2 copies of each item and respawns.
-All items have the same value and weight as their originals.
-The Items have a "H" at the end of their names to differentiate from un-hooved versions(see Inventory Screenshot).
-Skirts included: Belted Braies, Breeches, Burgundy Linens, Coarse Linens, Green Felt Linens, Green Silk Garment, Light Brown Linens, Red Velvet Garment, & Tan Linens.
-Outfits Included: Black & Burgundy Outfit, Blue & Green Outfit, Blue Velvet Outfit, Red Velvet Outfit, & Russet Felt Outfit. (Hooves don't show on some unless moving. screenshots omitted)

When? (was this updated)
Version 1.0 released Sept 10th, 2013.

-Future possible Versions/Additions-
*Might make Hooved Robes
*Might make Hooved Shivering Isles clothes
*Might make Hooved Pants (as v1.0 is only skirts and dresses) (most unlikely to happen)
*Might make Hooved Stock Clothes for HGEC body. (EVE C/E-cup, M/LL lower body)
*Might make Hooved conversions from other Clothes Mods (if they fit TGND bodies)

Where? (are the changes this mod makes)
In a sack next to a pillar infont of "The Gilded Carafe" and "The Best Defence" in the Imperial City Market District.

How? (do you use this mod)
-Oblivion (latest Patch/Unofficial patch, just in case)
-'TGND Female Body & Clothing Replacer' by Luchaire
( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30914//? )
-'Hooves' by Geechan (Required for Hooves textures. ESP doesn't have to be used)
( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/38090//? )

Recommended Mods:
-HGEC Skin Textures (TGND doesn't include body textures)
-Kaleen Race by nouserhere (Theyll be Moar Liek SpaceGoats!!)
( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/31738//? )
-Hooved HGEC Stock Conversions (Adds Stock Armors Greaves for hgec with Hooves but no Seam with TGND body.)
( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/43021/? ) (Crate for them would be right next to my bag)

1. Extract the the 'Meshes' folder, and 'Hooved_TGND_stock_Clothes.esp' into your .../Oblivion/Data directory.
2. Activate the esp using Oblivion Mod Manager (obmm) or the Data Files button on your Oblivion Launcher.

1. Delete "hooved_tgnd_stock_clothes.esp" from your .../Oblivion/Data folder
2. Delete the 'CwH' folder in the .../Oblivion/Data/Meshes/Zaz folder

*Compatibility & Conflicts*
-Is compatible with TGND body mod (and possibly HGEC body with L or LL lower body(only the skirts, outfits would likely give Seam/Gap at Wrists))
-Is compatible with any Race mods (human, elf, &/or beast) that have females. The hooves should use the texture of any race that wears them.

-ISN'T compatible with any Boot, shoe, slipper, sock, or any other footwear mod(s) as the skirts/outfits will occupy the foot slot. (only applies if trying to wear my mod's items with other foot equipment, doesn't actually break either mod(s))
-Not compatible with any mod that places a container/object in the exact same location as the cloth sack. (see screenshot)

No other known issues.

Who? (do thank credit)
Bethesda Softworks for 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' <3
Geechan & Semtex for 'Hooves'
Luchaire for 'TGND body & clothing replacer'.
Emma for 'Companion Vilja' (She's the Kaleen(customized) character in my Screenshot, and the greatest companion ever)
nouserhere for 'Kaleen Race' (for the resources used to customize Vilja, seen in my screenshot)


msg me & Credit me if you want to use this mod in any of your own.
This Mod not to be posted anywhere else but TESNexus.