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"Ne mæg ƿerig mod ƿyrde ƿiðstondan, ne se hreo hyge helpe gefremman."
"No weary mind may stand against weird(fate). Nor may the wrecked will work a new hope."

The Elder Scrolls IV: All That Remains

My first mod I've made in a very long time(and the first I've made for Oblivion) do to My old laptop which could play games getting fried.

This is a two-in-one House mod adding not one, but two homes near Anvil. I'm still working on it here and there but it's done for the most part. I'll be updating here and there. Please feel free to tell Me what'ya think. Requires Shivering Isles.

Updated My Journal Again(9/10/14):

I have lost the heart to finish this. The thing of it is really, this was simply too ambitious of a mod and I was way, way over My head. The main plot was was definitely solid, and would have been the main part of the mod. It was simply to massive in scale to do realistically, even if I managed to get help. It would have been larger than Oblivions main quest, the Shivering Isles and all the guild quest combined. And would have called for probably 3GB maybe even 5GB in size.

Also do to the fact that this was to be a dialogue heavy mod, voice acting was going to have to be, and I don't think I would have found enough, good voice actors for that. Also I realized too late that Oblivion's engine, the Gamebryo engine, would not be able to do some of the more cinematic moments.

Such as a part in the second act where Scinnlæca kills a 10000 people as a sacrifice to the Ideal Masters and uses their life force to seal the gateway to Aetherius(the sun) thus removing it, and opening a portal to the Soul Cairn allowing the true main antagonist, the "king" of the Ideal Masters, Transcendence, to come into Mundas and also causes a dragon break of catastrophic proportions. Time would become non-linear.

This, of course, would have changed Cyordiil. It would been divided up into "zones" that would be in another time or in a temporal limbo. Like the area around Bruma would have been in the first era and the Imperial city would be in the late 5th era(far into the future, 500 years in fact.). which would change every time you did a quest in a zone that was in the past. If you fucked up in a major quest in one zone, it would have massive repercussions in another. Like in one quest that was in Chorrol which was trapped in the time during the great war, and, if you fucked up, you would kill the father of the last Dragonborn(the hero of Skyrim). And in the third act you would have gone to Aetherius/Sovngarde and the Soul Cairn.

You just can't do stuff like that in Oblivion, which I learned a little too late.

And I just didn't want to gut this great story I spent years working.

Maybe if TES6 is in Cyordiil or as all of Tamriel in it, maybe. But for now...

I will put up some of the stuff that was going to go into and maybe some of the ideas I had will find their way into other mods I make, but as it is, this is the end for this mod. I'm sorry(though I know few people even care). I might post what was going to be the plot here on the mod page if and when I feel like it.

Updated My Journal Again(8/12/14):

I've cancelled this mod for lack of a better word. I had been off and on working on it trying to get...something of what I wanted this mod to be, but sadly, it was My fault, I deleted the mod when I was trying to fix a problem with Oblivion, without making a backup, so all the damn work I put into it since the last release is gone. ._. While I could start over...

Failed Plans:

-Changing the current "unmarked quest" into a very large, nonlinear, mature and morally ambiguous quest with many paths to the end...With a time travel plot. o.o

-More books!! Many written by K'avar(AKA Me) which will explain the backstory and lore of Shoracsburgloca! And many from Daggerfall, Morrowind and Skyrim! Which will be fully integrated into the game as in you'll be able to buy them from bookstores(Already begun doing this)

-Custom textures and meshes for Scinnlæca and unique Shoracsburgian armor, weapons and what-not(My idea for Scinnlæca is to make him look more like the Ancient Lich from Daggerfall like this: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/File:DaggerfallAncientLich.gif)

-A very small Ayleid ruin called "Dar Mínlaar", the birthplace of Queen Psymia the Ayleid(Who was King Scinnlæca's mother) and the place where Cynric(Scinnlæca's grandson) was taking to first after the fall of Shoracsburgloca. Only adding this for lore consistency with the mod.

-A very very small ruined fort/village called "Sóknardalr" far in the Jerall mountains. This was the second place Cynric was taking to, and where he lived until 1E, 587, when his rebellion against the Alessian Empire began.

-Things in Anvil like a monument/memorial of the Sack of Shoracsburgloca to show the land's/city's ancient past.

-And more stuff maybe!

Warning!! This mods as Easter eggs...Easter eggs EEEEEEVVVVVEEERRRRRRYYYYY WHERE!!! @[email protected]

Backstory from the in-game book: The Rise and Fall of Shoracsburgloca

The Rise and Fall of Shoracsburgloca

By K'avar Vhosek, Scholar and court wizard of Santaki
Writing in the year 420 of The Third Era.

Shoracsburgloca was a Cyro-Nordic city-kingdom built in the 1E on what is now modern-day Anvil city by the exiled court and allies of Felyndûr(or Felándir in Old Nordic) who was, before being king of Shoracsburgloca, Jarl of Snowhawk(Snøhåwk in Nordic), a city/hold in west-central Skyrim.

Felyndûr declared Snowhawk an independent kingdom sometime following the assassination of High-King Borgas during the Nordic civil war known as "The War of Succession".

The Kingdom of Snowhawk did not last long however.
In 370, the "Free-Kingdom" of Snowhawk began building the tower-fortress Taakeslottet on the mountain known as håwksfjell, and was meant to be a watch tower, a first warning beacon and the farthest point marker of Snowhawk's power. Now, of course Jarl Olaf One-Eye of Whiterun viewed this tower keep as "king" Felyndûr trying to spy on him and his armies as he fought with other Jarls vying for the throne in Windhelm as well as being a act of war on Felyndûr part. in the early morning of the 21st of Frostfall 373, Jarl Olaf One-Eye's armies attacked the tower as a beginning of his war on Snowhawk, taking the tower in little over a two hours reports say, but not before the tower's garrison were able to light the beacon of Håwktherra, warning Snowhawk of the coming army.

The Kingdom of Snowhawk did not last long after this first battle, however, Jarl Olaf One-Eye and his host defeated Felyndûr at the decisive battle of Korvanjúnð where Felyndûr Olaf Bjørntooth(Who was named after Jarl Olaf) was killed. With this battle, Felyndûr was pushed all the way back to his city where Jarl Olaf began the famous siege of Snowhawk.

After a three month siege there, Five of Jarl Olaf's greatest Tongues of Whiterun finally managed to lay low the walls of the city and sacked it, killing many. Snowhawk was burnt to the ground afterwards, never to be rebuilt again and Felyndûr was taken captive by Olaf's host but later allowed him to be exiled to Cyordiil.

Jarl Olaf One-Eye would later go on to win the War of Succession and became High-King a few years later.

Beaten and in ruin, Felyndûr and his exiled people settled in what would become Anvil in 1E, 373 and founded the city of Soracsburgloca: Walled town of Shor, with Felyndûr as it's first king.

While king, Felyndûr formed a "Language of the kingdom" by mixing his native Old High-Western Nordic with the Old Colovian-Cyrodiilic tongue. The language was only spoken by the nobility at court first, but within 100 years, it became the lingua franca of the kingdom and spoken by all walks of life with the kingdom.

The kingdom went through much in it's over 200 year history. Many years of peace, a succession crisis, a coup d'état/mini-civil war, a war with Îr-Nylúmida and a invasion from the Alessian Empire.

But that was all for naught, for this kingdom of Felyndûr's was not to last.

201 years after founding the city-kingdom, the Colovian Estates and the Alessian Empire were in a bitter civil war(and had been for a century) which was becoming more and more intense and soon dragged the Kingdom into the fray.

The Alessian Empire viewed the "savage" pagan, "Elf loving" Nords of Soracsburgloca to be of great threat to them for they were to join with the also pagan Colovian Estates, this, they thought, would give their enemy the edge they needed to win the war as well, the Empire was ever fearful of the great sorcerer-king of Soracsburgloca: Scinnlæca Hearding(the bold) who had ended the War of Îr-Nylúmida with great skill by enchanting his whole army to allow them to walk on the sea and invade the island kingdom.

On the eve of the 17th day Frostfall in the 573rd year of the 1st Era, the armies of Alessia's empire looped under the Colovian Estates in the West Weald and moved up through Valenwood and attack the city from the south.

Caught completely off guard, Soracsburgloca was conquered and sacked in only 5 hours. King Scinnlæca was wounded in the battle and his son,
Æþelwulf along with the queen Écgwynn of Gûndûrlyn dead, he and the High-Priest(who also was his brother according to records I've found) of the city, Shaman Froforgast, fled from the Palace; The "Stántorr of Cyningum"(and destroyed it as they did) to his Laboratory under the watchtower "Bæðwygca"(Sea Watch).

The Alessian Order learning that the falling king had fled here, had Imperial battlemages use great magics to locked the falling king in his Laboratory to die of dehydration and starvation. This was the last time anyone saw the king alive again.

After the sacking of the city it was burned to the ground much like snowhawk two centuries earlier and never again to be rebuilt and so passed the kingdom of Soracsburgloca, one of the the most fascinating cultures to ever be.

List of kings of Soracsburgian Monarchs:
(Note: Listed here is the length of their raining and not their lives.)
"House of Felyndûr The Founder"

King Felyndûr The Founder: 1E, 373-409
(Note: First king of Soracsburgloca.)

King Eádweard Ælfréd: 1E, 409-423
(Note: Son of Felyndûr I.)

King Æthelberht: 423-433
(Note: Son of Eádweard Ælfréd.)

"House of Kjoric"
(The High-King of Skyrim, Kjoric the White's son, Tryggvason Elfbane was married to Ælfgifu who was the only child of King Æthelberht, and in the tradition of Shoracsburgloca the husband of a female royal would inherit that family's titles. This was changed after Tryggvason was overthrown.)

King Tryggvason Elfbane: 1E, 434-439
(Note: Overthrown by his wife and the royal court do mostly for trying to start a war with the Ayleid city-state of Garlas Rŷrn'ôl'eg and the Alessian Empire.)

"House of Felyndûr The Founder(Restored)"

Queen Ælfgifu The Liberator: 1E, 439-467
(Note: only child of King Æthelberht. First female ruler of the kingdom.)

King Béowulf the Unlucky: 1E, 467-467
(Note: shortest ruling king of Shoracsburgloca. Died in a Shipwreck five months into his kingship.)

Queen-Regent Eanflæd: 1E, 467-472
(Note: Queen Eanflæd, the wife of the late king, ruled as regent until their eldest son Felyndûr came of age.)

King Felyndûr II/Felyndûr Dracaheorte: 1E, 472-493
(Eldest son of Béowulf the Unlucky.)

King Denádôr The Long, 1E, 493-530
(Note: Youngest son of Béowulf the Unlucky. Became king as all of Felyndûr II's children had died of plague. He was the longest ruling king as well. Died at the age of 107)

King Cynewulf: 1E, 530-545
(Note: Grandson of Denádûr the Long. Died in the beginning of the War of with Îr-Nylúmida.)

Queen-Regent Psymia the Ayleid/Psýmia of Dar Mínlar: 1E, 545-555
(Note: Wife of Cynewulf. Ruled as Queen-regent until their son Scinnlæca Hearding came of age. The only full blooded Elven ruler of the kingdom.)

King Scinnlæca Hearding/The Half-Elf/The Bane of Îr-Nylúmida/The Martyr: 1E, 555-573
(Note: Last "ruling " king of Shoracsburgloca. Overthrown by the Alessian Empire in 573. Son of King Cynewulf and Queen Psymia the Ayleid. Died in the Sack of Shoracsburgloca.)

Cynric the Fox/The king of Exiles: Lived - 1E, 571-602
(Note: The last known living member of the royal family. Grandson of Scinnlæca and son of Prince Æþelwulf , lead a guerrilla war against The Alessian Empire in what is now known as "The War of The Bandits" from the age of 16 to his death in 602. For more information please read My other book: "Cynric the Fox: The King of Exiles And The War of The Bandits.")

Unknown to anyone however, Scinnlæca had survived and was driven mad by the lost of his kingdom, son, grandson(so he thought) and wife and so, in his hatred and madness, he turned to the dark sorcery of Necromancy. He killed his brother as a sacrifice to the Ideal Masters and made himself a Litch. He declared himself anew: Scinnlæca Dimhíw, The Dark Wizard and swore revenge upon the Empire.

Over 3000 years later, the scholar/wizard K'avar Vohsek of Santaki, Hammerfell came to Anvil following the death of is wife Iszara, to study the ancient long-dead culture of the Soracsburgians. K'avar bought a plot of land along the coast outside of Anvil near and small old ruin for which he believed was all that remained of Bæð Wygca.

K'avar named his new home, "Zeht's Watch", for his wife Iszara was a priestess of Zeht(the Yokudan version of Zenithar) and because the land he it built on is near where Bæð Wygca which meant "Sea-Watch" was.

K'avar spent a good year digging out Bæð Wygca and four days before the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII, K'avar uncovered the door to the Laboratory of Scinnlæca, but locked with magic. Using his great knowledge of 1E magical locks he was able to lift the spell. To excited and unaware of the danger lurking within he rushed into Scinnlæca's Laboratory and has not been seen since...

This Mod adds two new player homes:
Version II:

Zeht's Watch: Which is more of a traditional, modest home on the water very close to the Anvil Docks. Comes with a small garden to the side and and "front yard" on the front dock with a few plants. I've left clean the shelves(for the most part) because I, one am still working on this and two, I thought people would like to decorate for themselves. Also, I've added somo really nice and neat things inside for you(such as a few books from Daggerfall) and other I'll let you find on your own. Also there's a altar to Zeht upstairs(Can't miss it), Oh and there is a mail box by the steps outside.
Scinnlæca's Laboratory: A very small dark dungeon which can be used by a wizardry type. Comes with a bed, a few bookshelves, some cupboards, a full set of master alchemy gear, an enchanting and spellmaking altar, a altar to Shorac(Soracsburglocish name for Shor) and some nice things I'll let you find yourself. >:D Though note that this is a 4000 year old lab and that I'm still working on this.
Also adds a horse named Sceadufæx to the Anvil Stables which was K'avar's but is now yours. Sceadufæx in is Rohirric name, also known as Shadowfax, is one of the Mearas and is the lord of all horses! He is the greatest horse in all of Tamriel, and he now aids you in your adventures.

And yes, Zeht's Watch and Scinnlæca's Laboratory have map makers.
You should NOT try to fight Scinnlæca at any level lower than 46 as he is this level and has a number of spells including Conjure Dremora Lord that he will use and he is COMPLETELY immune to any frost based attack. If you want to take his lab and the powerful stuff he has you need to kill him, but if you just want Zeht's Watch....well there's a spare key...somewhere outside or near the dock(you're not getting off that easy, still gonna have to work for the house) OR sneak over to the fireplace in Scinnlæca's Lab and loot the key off of K'avar's body before Scinnlæca sees you and murders you. OR you could just cheat(cheater!! O: ).. Also, on the Altar of Shorac in the lab...something there you might find VERY useful..
I have extensively bug tested this and there are none that I can find Though it is still unfinished remember. May conflict with mods(Like Anvil Bay Expansion) that mess with the shoreline under the Lady Stone near Anvil.

Recommended Mods:

Gandalf's Lightstaff(http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33934/?)
A very awesome staff that acts like a undying torch. Very useful for Scinnlæca's Lab.

Andúril: The Flame of the West(http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/29391)
Two powerful blades from the LOTR that are damn helpful in taking on the Black Wizard and the best weapon mod for Oblivion imo!

A few things are in Soracsburgish; A language I made up using Old English as a base. Since ''Þþ'' ''Ðð'' is not in Oblivion's "lettering" so the books are not as they should be in-game. The right way is:
Faded Note:
'Þæt burgloca haoc fellensic! Meur dur na helvit ond dæocráftes of Cyning Scinnlæca..Cyning Scinnlæca haoc tyndes tó necrogefræge! Godes dæðbetan Mec styancor.''

Boc of Scinnlæca - Mid Ende Lifdon Ond Myn Reggart!:

''Wýrn beloc dæg þwis bæon wa! Áselynes Ordu þæt mengr fellnsic Myn...Ic heirt. Shoracburgloca is gan! Ic wedon o Myn reggart! Ne mæg þwis werigg mod moot wyrðe na! Ic haloc na ðulc... Þæt stán Ic fundnûr. Ic þyne Ic cann..udt cyu tó mac Mec eoh leechde. Mus Ic leechdon ond ende lifdon. Cowyn ne swa.. Ben, Ic willa haloc Myn reggart!! Ond ef cyu taak 100000 æge! metuðes miltse, þeah þæt heit modcearig. Shorac....Forgavþ Me. Ðeaðe se nau duog ge cynwill, ne suwt geen na vardoye du agan nu, þæt et blodu, aug Áselyn Cynnrium náwá ménn wýrðin. Ic haloc mot þæt ultia sacrofacca, Ic þæt felen cyu endes...ond beganinn... Dur na endu!! Dur na Shorac!! Þú haloc forsacayn Mec! Ic willa haloc reggart in alle!!