The Epic Battle by Orochi4567
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Added: 29/08/2013 - 11:38PM
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Last updated at 16:04, 29 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 23:38, 29 Aug 2013

Description - If your a Metal Head then this mod is for you! This mod simply adds custom music to the battle music Folder to make the game feel so much more epic when you go into battle, This is not lore friendly if your one of thoes type of people. \\m/ (^<^ ) \\m/

1. (MOST IMPORTANT) BACK-UP your Music folder in Oblivion/Data
2. Extract the archive to a temp location e.g. Desktop
3. Drag the Music folder inside the file that you just extracted into your Oblivion/Data Directory
4. Click Yes to all and Copy and Replace
5. Done!!!

1. Delete your Music folder in your Oblivion/Data Directory
2. Place the BACK-UP you made into the Oblivion/Data Directory
3. Done!!!

NOTE: Remember the Music will play RANDOMLY so its a 70/30% chance that the custom music will play, There is also a track in the Dugeon and Public Folders but its less likley to play because there is only one custom song in the Dungeon and Public Folders and the rest are all Origianal music.

DISCLAIMER: The music in this mod was not made by me, they are just some of my favorite songs. Support these variouse artists by visiting their websites or perchasing their songs.