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SE (Shivering Isles) Home
Beta Test Home, still a work in progress maybe.
This took approximately 12 to 14 hour's to complete.
I got to the point where I could not come back from SE to Tamriel,
I was full of items and no where to store them so I built this.
NOTE! If you do not like Un-Balancing item's
or think this is cheating in your opinion, then this is NOT for you.
First, A Map Marker is included, Path Grid done and tested.
Requirements: Shivering Isles add on. No bugs here so far.
Unsure if this is lore friendly or not.
Description: (Also See Screenshots)
* 2 story home in the Isles north of Bliss a little ways.
* Adventurer's note in hall on left by book cupboard.
*Has a cute so called gaurd named Xena a Golden Saint.
She just kinda stands there gaurding her Enchanted treasure
that you can use if you like and her armor display.
Key to her chest is behind her on pedestal/display.
* Good storage, roomy, no fancy decore. I leave that up to you.
* 2 companion beds, and bedroom for you.
*Exterior isn't too bad but nothing really that fancy.
*I'll be doing an update and adding a staff chest or combining the bow chest with staffs.
Copy esp to data, remove to uninstall.
Again, just a Beta Test home for now, if it does good I'll leave it up.
Please, Kind comments or suggestions welcomed, rudeness is not.
Lemme know if lighting is off or too bright, etc.
Legal: If you like to use this or re-modify, just ask oke? :)
Credits: Bethesda for their awesomeness and Tes Construction Set.