Slight White Stallion Lodge Upgrade by Zazusha
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Added: 26/08/2013 - 05:36PM
Updated: 26/08/2013 - 05:36PM

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Last updated at 17:36, 26 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 17:36, 26 Aug 2013

Why, Who, What, When, Where, How.
(First mod)

---Why? (does this mod exist)---
White Stallion Lodge was too dark, boring, and empty-ish for me. I wanted to spruce up the place a bit, without changing the initial size of the lodge or adding cells.

---Who? (does it affect)---
Shouldn't affect any NPCs, including Mazoga, and should be Companion Friendly.

---What? (does this mod do)---
White Stallion Lodge has been slightly upgraded from its original interior. What's been changed:

-Removed objects from the cubby near the entrance and added a single Bed (See You Sleep compatible).
-Added 3 Display Cases (2 large, 1 small) to the main room of the lodge.
-Moved the chairs and table slightly to accommodate the new Display cases.
-Switched old Bookcases with Middle Class equivalents (Auto Book Placer Compatible).
-Moved the hay target and added a Wine rack (Auto Book Placer Compatible).
-Added a couple more training pads/pillows (for use as mannequin stands).
-Added a Jewelry Box on top of the dresser in the main bed room.
-Placed a Shield/Sword Crest on the wall in the bed room, cause why not.
-Added/adjusted a few lights.
-Adjusted Path-grids for the changes.

---When? (was this updated)---
Original mod was released ~Aug 26th, 2013

---Where? (are the changes this mod makes)---
This mod only affects the interior cell of the White Stallion Lodge, Located North of Lewawiin.

---How? (do you use this mod)---

1. Extract (with WinRar) the 'Slight White Stallion Lodge Upgrade.esp' file into your Oblivion\Data folder.
2. Activate the esp using Oblivion Mod Manager (obmm) or the Data Files menu on your Oblivion Launcher.

Must still complete the prerequisite quests ('Mazoga the Orc' & 'Knights of the White Stallion') to acquire the Lodge.

*Compatibility & Conflicts*
-This mod isn't compatible with any other mod that affects the While Stallion Lodge.
-This mod should be compatible with companions (the lodge now sleeps 3, including Mazoga)
-The beds are compatible with 'See You Sleep'
-The added Bookshelves and Wine rack are compatible with 'Auto Book Placer'
-Space available for use of 'Reznod Mannequins' (the practice pillows on the floor)

No other known issues. Let me know if you find any other conflicts.