Colovian Haven by Jigganine
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Attractive medium-sized upper-class Chorrol-style house in the Colovian Highlands, on the Black Road west of Chorrol. Great mountain view, overlooks a lovely little lake with a dock and canoe. All vanilla upper-class furniture. Magic room with spellmaking and enchanting altars. Well-stocked alchemy garden on corner of house exterior. Other goodies included. Total of 27 safe containers, and also one respawning trash bin (outside by the back door). Fully pathgridded, sleeps four.

Look for the map marker "Colovian Haven" west of Chorrol.

First floor: Foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen area, storage nook
Second floor: Foyer, sleeping quarters, magic room
Third floor: Master suite w/ balcony overlooking lake
Exterior: Alchemy garden, seating

This mod uses resources from Meo's Modular Fireplaces and Dwight Darkmoon's Upper-Class Wine Racks. I have included the necessary files in this download for your convenience, but if you'd like to check out their excellent work, here are the links:


This mod was cleaned with TES4Edit and has no known incompatibilities.