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The Yukata
(ver 2.0)

for Oblivion

by Hidemaro. (2014.3/31)

○ change log

  2013/08/14 Release Ver:1.0
  2013/08/17 Release Ver:1.0a bugfixd
  2013/08/25 Release Ver:1.1 Add Yukata of 4 Colors
  2014/03/31 Release Ver:2.0 Add male meshes.Add 6 Colors.Add newtype Obis.

○ Outline

This Mod adds summer feature 《 Yukata 》.
The clothes are divided up and down and attach an obi to this and become one set.
I can let you wear the《 Geta 》for preference because it is prepared.
The file has two kinds of Bustsize C cup and E cup.
It was also available for men Become a Ver2.0.
It's used was "Room207 A4 Male Body Replacer V52".
Please install either for preference. Because I distributed esp file name, I can let both.
It can support BBB with an option.
The lower part of the body has three types of normal,active and mini.
The obi became the amulet attribute, and NPC was worn, too.

These clothes are sold in DivineElegance of the Imperial capital business area.

○ Contents

Yukata (informal summer kimono)
Upper 22 Colors 2 Types(C and E cup)
Lower 22 Colors 3 types(Normal,Active,Mini)

Yukata Obi (Belt for yukata)
15 Colors 5 types

Geta (wooden clogs)
8 Colors 1 Type

○ Name of Yukata

Asagao (Morning glory)
Ayame (Iris)
Kingyo (Goldfish)
Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
Yuri (Lily)
Tukihi (Costumes of the characters that appear in <Nisemonogatari> Anime <Tukihi> are wearing.)
Hanabi (Fireworks)
Nadesiko (Pink grass)
Koyomi (Costumes of the characters that appear in <Nisemonogatari> Anime <Koyomi> are wearing.)
Koyomi (Costumes of the characters that appear in <Nisemonogatari> Anime <Sinobu> are wearing.)

○ Requirements

Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy Body (HGEC)

○ Attention

Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation.
I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it.
If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.

○ Installation

Please copy into DATA folder in the Oblivion folder which installed Oblivion.

:C:Program FilesBethesda SoftwareOblivionData》

○ Description

I made a yukata in summer.
It is remodeling of The YHakama of the previous work, but Wait is improved generally.

Because I used it, the pattern of the kimono of the previous work was not able to use the image which I downloaded the second.
Because I made Texture with oneself this time, even anyone is free to do it and is usable.
But I am a handle of which is not good very much because I have not drawn most of the pictures.

I was particular about the movement of the sleeve which lasted of the kimono with these clothes and grew it.
A sleeve collapses depending on movement to employ Vaughn of the vanilla and only gets into the body (the movement that I let I give ability in particular and intersect, and puts back a palm to the top).
Because you are still hopeless with my ability, please permit this somehow.

○ Special thanks

Mr. Hepsy
Miss. Mayumi

And received a valuable advice for creating, we have a very grateful.

○ Permission note

I have the license of this Data.
Basically prohibited for purposes other than personal use, distribute Data for this I made.
If usage commercial purpose or non malicious, I may be free to change and redistribute it however.
Please specify to the credit of that case.