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Skyrim Improved refitted to work with TWMP.

Permissions and credits
Hi all.

Well, this is it. Skyrim Improved refitted, with permission, to work with TWMP. With fixed landscape issues, removed bugs and so on. Picking up the banner left by Skyrim Improved Team.

Mod includes:
- 10 settlements (Laintar Dale, Oakwood, Riverwood, Blackmoor, Nimlaten City, Sungard, Greenwall, Vernim Wood, Dungar Wall and Granitehall)
- 3 cities -- Snowhawk, Windhelm and Solitude.
- 10 mines, 3 caves, 1 special location, many encounters in the wilderness

Tamriel Landscape Pack
Tamriel Resource Pack
TWMP Hammerfell
TWMP High Rock (only High Rock is needed, not Skyrim)
OBSE Plugin: Elys's Universal Silent Voice -- technically this is not a requirement, but will be helpful in reading dialogue
Dynamic Map -- technically this is not a requirement, but you will need a good map of region and Dynamic Map provides it, as there are no maps in my mod.

HGEC and Robert Male body

Other useful mods:
TWMP Skyrim Improved - UL Jerall Glacier Patch
TWMP Skyrim Guard Armors & Shields

Done as version 1.0:
-- converted to TWMP
-- adjsuted landheights (mostly)
-- check and fix Nimalten City
-- check and fix Sungard
-- check and fix Vernim Wood
-- check and fix Greenwall
-- add/fix Riverwood
-- add Blackmoor
-- check and fix Dungar Wall
-- add stonecutters' village (now Oakwood)
-- check and fix Granitehall
-- added Solitude
-- check and fix Markath Side
-- check and fix Windhelm
-- add children
-- finalized landheight. Added all major bodies of water - lakes and rivers.
-- removed COBL dependency
-- removed DCRP dependency by merging it into this mod - with formid change etc.
-- pathgridded High Rock. Took my rig 12 days (!!!) of non-stop working.
-- rename Markath Side to Snowhawk
-- generated and pathgridded landscape.
-- generated and pathgridded western Morrowind -- Velothi District
-- fix guard AI so they'd actually arrest (allow Nord guards)
-- finalized landscape and populated land with enemies.
-- fix jarl/kings names/titles
-- fix entrances of mines
-- fix map markers for mines
-- add a working prison (or two - in Windhelm and Snowhawk)
-- add Sensual Walks support
-- add aurora borealis
-- make girls in brothel dance (Windhelm girl too)
-- restore animations (praying in chapels, smithing, playing a lute)
-- fixed all interior lights
-- ensure a well/toilet exists in every settlement
-- added Riften. Ruins of it.
-- add roads in southern Skyrim - with wayshrines.
-- add fish and clams. No coral beds - that's aren't tropical sea here.
-- add Oblivion gates. 100 of them.
-- add gem veins to mines
-- add Laintar Dale village
-- clean the mod of unneeded resources (well, try to)
-- add placeholders for quest (house in WIndhelm and its residents)
-- add various local dialogue
-- add fast travel via guides and captains

0. Delete old resource pack that was hosted here before release. I've decided to use only 1 bsa archive for all resources, not 2, so old file is deprecated.
1. DL all prereqs and install them.
2. DL main esp and dump it to /data
3. DL resource pack and dump it to /data
4. [optional] Install MOBS patch generously provided by CarlosS4444.
5. LOD quads, 3 ways to deal with them.
a. I have generated them and put them into BSA archive. They should work right out of the box.
b. If they don't -- they are provided as separate download
c. The best way -- generate your own LOD quad meshes and textures with tes4ll
6. Run tes4lodgen .
7. Don't forget to do #9 from TWMP Hammerfell installation guide to remove floating trees over Hew's Bay

Load order
Just below TWMP High Rock

-- There are no lod for high-altitude Skyrim rivers. Engine bug. There's a way around it, but not implemented. Fixed in TWMP Locations
-- Low fps in seashore areas. Cause: fish AI boggles down CPU. Fixed in TWMP Locations
-- Polar bears are cuddly and friendly. Fixed in TWMP Locations

Hope i didnt forget anyone. Please notify me if i did.

My family -- for bearing with my work.
Skyrim Improved team -- for huge amount of foundation work.
biulding3015 -- for permission to use DCRP as merged resource.
Mur_Zik and Surazal -- for Sensual Walks
David Brasher -- for Mehrunez Maze
stroti -- for candlehorn lights.
Brittainy -- for Aurora Borealis
shadeMe -- for CS Extender
OBSE Team -- for OBSE
MentalElf -- for tes4files
ElminsterAU -- for tes4edit and tes4lodgen
Gruftikus and Lightwave -- for tes4ll
Bethesda -- for such a modable game.
God -- for a chance to create.