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Matso for Oblivion presents:

Matso Strikes Back ENB

MSB is an ENB mod for Oblivion, compatible with the v0.181 binary version for the game (newest). It requires ENB binaries, alongside with SweetFX DLLs. Seek relevent content on Nexus and ENB webside.

To install the mod, first backup any ENB files You are currently using, and the Data/Textures/Sky directory. Next download one of the variants and the essentials archives. Finally unpack them into Your Oblivion main directory.

The pictures provided are from each of the given variants. Try them all to find the best for Yourself.

  • Skyrim DoF effect,
  • Bloom, anamorphic and lens flares,
  • Dynamic color adaptation,
  • Sunsprite effects,
  • Immersive sun texture & effects,
  • Letter box effect,
  • And other ENB effects!

Have fun playing!

Bless You,