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Tamriel Travellers 1.3c Traveling Merchants Mod- Franscecso\'s , Oscuro\'s , Martigen Monster Mod, Living Economy Compatible - New Belts, New Horse Merchant and Pack Guars...!!! New Enter into Towns , Night Time Eat, Traveling Pets and Gaurds, Option to turn Pets and Guards on and off at any time, Now including AlienSlof Dogs 1.38 Releas

Permissions and credits
Traveling Merchants Mod with Shivering Isle Support 1.39 - Franscecso's , Oscuro's , Martigen Monster Mod, Living Economy Compatible - New Enter into Towns , Night Time Eat, Traveling Pets and Gaurds, Option to turn Pets and Guards on and off at any time
Fixes for 1.39c

Added Missing Shivering Isle Travellers Bard Guard - Argonian, Umek guarding and following Eliva in SI.

Updated Omod Conversion Data - Script now fully works, thanks to everyone for pointing out the various issue with that..fixed faction sections.added some more details to description also. Added lots more option when it comes to install, put some option in only to install certian type of plugin or no plugin for that section, added check to see if shivering isle is installed, added individual option's for many parts of the mod..

New !! Added SITravellersFriendlyFactions4MMM - to fix MMM Npcs and Creatures etc from attacking them and keeping MMM SI faction intact with MMMforSI.esp. Does not Require MMMforSI.esp or MMM.esm, but will not work right without them ..added to omod script and SITravellers folder..

Since Shivering Isle Faction where already broken up into individual faction's for baliwog,hungers, zealot, etc..MMM just changes the faction relationship to not like each other, and SIFriendlyFactions would break MMMforSI settings, I created this plugin which duplicates MMMForSI faction settings but adds SIRoamingTrader faction protection at same time..

Updated Travellers.html Readme for 1.39c notes

New Readme
all older fixes are posted below.All Current / New Addition etc..will be posted here now..

- Full Inventory Check
- Added serveral different missing vanilla weapons and armor, food items, and a few more misc items
- Rebuilt the TT(SI) items leveledlist that are used by Travellers
- All Vanilla Items/SI items are accounted for and added to leveledlist has needed for Travellers to sell

Npcs fixes
- Fixed Misc Script for Annika in NorthWestChorrol

Creatures Fixes
- Fixed Impling stats and lvl to be higher

ItemNpc Fixes
- Added Correct Bash tags to these to prevent merge, this was stoping these plugin from working correctly,

Shivering Isle Fixes
- Created and Added Pets to 5 of the 7 SI Travellers I used the baliwog, eltyra, shining impling, packguar,skinned hound, and kept the stats has normal,
- and remove out vanilla faction and added travellers faction has needed - The guar is not lootable and pets cannot be disabled in Shivering Isle


Overview of Mod - ( See forums on Elder Scrolls.com - or else read on)

This mod adds Traveling Traders, Traveling Merchants, with pets / guards covering areas of Cyrodiil. The traveling merchants walk around the wilderness close to towns , inside towns and inns , farms, roads, back roads, shrines,or priory's. They will sell you items - weapons, armor, food, staffs, alchemy ingredients & equip, clothing, lockpicks ( rogues & archers ), spells ( Wizard ) & Potions and if all in stock (%) . Some can repair, recharge, sell spells and Rogues will buy stolen goods. They are a Neutral Faction, and do report crimes committed against them. Guards will fine you now, All Merchant Guards and Pets - Guars have been imported from across the border, will attack back!!


StoryLine Changes - Due to recent conflicts with the Thieves guild and the Law. The following contracts have been resigned - The Roaming Traders Members are not allowed to buy stolen only the Roaming Rogues will only buy stolen goods. The Thieves guild was not very happy about this, and certain members passed slipped documents to the The Imperial Government!!!!. Someone from the outside, maybe the Gray Fox. The Imperial Goverment was forced to take actions against the Roaming Traders Faction. The Roaming Traders faction have to obey the law now/theives guild law. Or else the guild will get kicked out of Cryodill ...

This Also Bring Alive the quest talked about in Mage Guild - Anvil Recommendation, but, does not affect this quest in anyway. With Traders traveling within Each Region. It gives the appearance of a Merchants delivering goods to those NPCS good/evil that do not leave areas, Shrines, Farms, Inns, and Such. Just in appearance?(some can be found dead once in a while).


Faction Choices - Good or Neutral

Good Faction (Default Now)- They are no longer aligned with any bandits, marauders, creatures, necromancers, etc..These types will now attack the Merchants when they travel the road, locations, etc...and Merchants will attack these npcs/creatures back if they are in the way!!!! The faction friendship is no longer present if you want that then choose the factionall..Compatible with All MODS

Optional Plugin - Faction All.esp - Traveling Merchants Do not fight with creatures, bandits, marauders, conjurers, and necromancers etc..Also allows them to talk with those NPCS. ( Changes are made to Default Factions does not work with all mods)


Traveling Merchant Details

24/7 Buy/Sell Items - There is now a new 100% working script that control this thanks to Scruggsy and XCom. They will now buy/sell items when traveling from location to location, when eating, etc... You must stop them and activate them normally.

Traders Gold is now set 1200 for all. You can install Living Economy Mod if you need more gold to barter with.

All Roaming Classes now have an Mercantile Skill which varies class to class/race to race. And Raises has you go up in levels. So Prices will vary depending on each class/ race and your infamy / fame/ murders / assaults, etc ..Remember to Haggle.

Classes buy/sell these items - clothing,jewelry, potions, poisons, food, alchemy ingredients & equipment, soul gems, lock picks, repair Hammers, scrolls, unless noted below and if in stock (%). Roaming Wizard only sell Spells, Archers sell magic arrows only, Rogues buy stolen good only.

[indent]Roaming Traders - Imperial, Orc, Nord, Redguard - Sell/Use Heavy Armor, Sell/Use Any Type Weapon. No Spells, No Alchemy Equipment, No clothing - Can Repair Equipment

Roaming Archers - Wood Elf only - Poisons, Magic Arrows Only, Light Armor and Bows Only. No Books, No Clothing, No Alchemy Equipment, Can Repair Equipment

Roaming Wizard - Breton and High Elf - Books, Potions, Alchemy Equipment, Clothing & Jewelry Magic/ Normal, Staffs and Spells (only), Soul Gems, and Can Recharge Equipment. No Armor, No Lights, - Wizard Now have Impling

Roaming Rogue - Dark Elf Only - Poisons, Alchemy Equipment, LockPicks Only, Light Armor and Blade Weapons Only, Soul Gems and Can Buy stolen goods only. No Books, No Clothing, No Lights - The Rouges do not have backup and do not report crimes!!!

Roaming Bard - Imperials - Clothing and Jewelry Magic/Normal, Potions, Scrolls, Books, can Recharge Equipment - No Armor, No Lights, No Alchemy - Has Spells but does not sell them.

Bard Guard will accompany the bards around!!!

Pets - Gaurs, Implings , Guard Dogs , will follow their master around!!! Will track owner down if lost ...including Horses..expect in town's..[/indent]


Inventory Sold & Leveled List Items (item change in various itemsplugin below)

Nearly All Items from Default Oblivion (80%) can be bought or sold. No quest item/armor/weapons/faction items or the like are added. No leveled list are modified and are custom made leveled list for all items sold. I have checked, double checked, triple checked this. Some items that where not originally included have been also added, these items came from the test environment and are leveled a higher than normal in some cases. Listed below are leveled items list.

[indent]Normal Items

All Normal Clothing, Weapons, Food, Drinks, Ingredients, and Armor are 100%. Daedric Armor has only a 10% Chance of being Sold

Magic Armor

Level 1 Iron/Fur 75%, Level 3 Steel/Leather 70% , Level 6 Dwarves/Chain 65% ,Level 10 Orch/Mithril 60% ,Level 15 Ebony/Elven 55% ,Level 20 Daedric 5%/Glass 50%

Magic Weapons

All Magic Weapons are 50%, Magic Arrows 50% (Archers), Magic Staffs are % based on type(wizards)

Potions, Poisons, Scrolls, Magic Clothing, Misc Items, Books

Potions level 1 Weak 75%, level 5 Standard 65%, level 10 Strong 55% (All)

Poisons level 1 Weak 75%, level 5 Standard 65%, level 10 Strong 55% (Rogues, Archers)

Scrolls level 1 Novice 75%, level 6 Apprentice 65%, level 11 Journeyman 55%, level 16 Expert 45%, level 21 Master 30% (Traders, Wizards)

Magic Jewelry - level 4 Base 75%, level 9 Average 65%, level 14 Grand 55%, level 20 Special 45% (Wizards)

Magic Clothing - 50% (Wizard) , Soul Gems 25% & Black Soul Gems level 10 25% (Rogues, Wizards), Alchemy Equipment 50% (Wizards & Rogues)

Normal Books - 100% , Rare Books - 60% - Wizard Only[/indent]


Combat Notes

Player vs Trader in Combat results in lower prices & crime penalty.

Traders are here to help you not hurt you...All Roaming Traders Classes respawn after 3 day if killed, If you attack the merchant , pets will attack back.. If you attack Pets/Guards they will attack you back. Pets/Guards are owned by Merchants and assualt on them count has crimes.

You will get no benefit of Fighting / Killing them (Unless you are evil) . This will lower their disposition toward you and count has a crime,making items more expensive to buy from them, (maybe even shutting down services)?. Meaning that you will have to persuade, bribe, or use a spell to fix this. If you are combat with them, you can yield to them and make them stop. The Imperial Legion will fine if you caught doing anything to the Merchants and Pets!!!!

If you do manage to kill them you may take there items and leveled gold that they carry..and resale these..

Pluging Option now- TamrielTravellersAdvScript -

They are now killable, they will respawn in 3 days and travel to next location. Please be aware all Merchants now explode into fire once killed (to simulate magicial items being broken/destroyed) - Thanks Xcom once again for this.

They will also display a message in the left hand corner of screen " Hey, Watch Out" When hit. This is to help tell them apart from Bandits, Marauders, Etc. When attacking from long distances, or in close range combat. Will be displayed================

Location's Traveled

How do they Travel- Sometime Midday they will travel to their next location. During this time you will be able to buy/sell items from them. You must stop them and activate them for this to work. Once they Reach their location they will go into their wander and will talk to NPCS. They will stay at these locations until the next sometime in the night and then will find place to eat for the rest of night until sometime in the morning and then will wander or start their travel to next location. If they are killed in combat they will respawn and travel to that location 3 days away. Pets/Merchant Guards follow Owners wherever they go for now will change when eat/sleep routines are added in.

Merchants will now Eat at Night once again this runs from 8 hours every night and runs everyday, Stools have been placed at all locations used by Merchants, this means that you will find stool out in the open out beside the road, shrines, etc..Some Merchants may elect to choose some other location to eat and than these stool..If they find a better spot to eat at night..Aslo added 2 new features at Weye and Skingrad..

A total of 63 locations are now traveled. There are 9 Regions with 7 locations within each region following a Sunday - Saturday Schedule. These can be towns stables, farms, inns, shrines, road signs, back roads, and more. Within each Region you will find 3 traders, 1 wizard, 1 archer, 1 rogue, 1 bard unless noted below. Every location below has at least on Long Run which last several hours. So I will let you discover how they placed and who is at that location. Remember There are 7 in Each Region that each follow a 7 day schedule. Sunday - Saturday.

[indent]Anvil Region - Anvil, Gweden, Kvatch Road Sign, Gottshaw Inn, Brina Cross Inn, Lords Drads, Malacaths

Bravil Region - Bravil, Faregyl, Hircine, Pells Gate, Clavicus, Gold Road Stip, Fort Black Boot (by water fall north)

Bruma Region - Bruma, CloudRuler, AppleWatch, Orange RoadStop, Bleakers Way, Sercen, Silver Road Stop

Cheydinhal Region - Cheydinhal, HarlunsWatch, Vaermina, HarmsFolly, Azuras, LordRugdumphs, KnightofThornLodge

Chorrol Region - Chorrol, HackDirt, Weatherleah, BrindleHome, GottlesFontsPriory, Molag Bals, Black Road West Nikel

Imperial Region (2 Wizards/No Rogues) - WawnettInn, Fort Empire, Aleswell, Roxey Inn, Urasek, Yellow Road Start, Vindasel

Leyawiin Region - Leyawiin East Side, BlakenMarch, Nocturnal, Green Road Stop, Sheogorath, WatersEdge, WhiteStallion Lodge.

Niben Valley Middle Region - Crestbridge, WayShrine(BackRoad), Peryites, MouthofthePanther, Imperial Bridge Inn, Cadlew Chapel, Yellow Road Stop.

SkinGrad Region - Skingrad, Rasava, Before Kvatch, Shetcombe Farm, Meridias, Sanguine, Derelict Mine

North West Chorrol - Chorrol North Gate, south of Sancre Tor, cliffoverlook1, Hermeaus Shrine, Cliffoverlook2, BridgeOverlook, at the end of the black road where it curves

New Town Location Traveled and Most Inns listed above (expect Imperial City, Brina Cross and Roxey Inn)..
- Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Leyawiin, Skingrad..They will travel into the city instead of outside these cities..They will wander inside cities and will also eat in cities..

Inns - Where ever there is an Inn (And Possible) they will visit inside these places ( expect Brina Cross Inn - this is where the Mage Guild Quest take's place )..

*Rogues (Dark Elfs) will not enter into Cities or Inns...
* Archers (Wood Elfs) who will not leave guard dog alone..they have a very good bond with their animals..So will Enter into Cities but Not Inns..
* Traveling Merchants with guars will enter cities but not inns ( not enough room for them ) ..
* Bards and Bards Guards will enter Cities and Inns - Bard Guards will not eat ( I have something planned for them)
* Wizard and Imp's will enter Cities and Inns

These Merchant's now Ride Horses..

*Mashag Butal - Anvil Region
*Ancola - SkinGrad Region
*Hlard - Chorrol Region
*Silian - Imperial Region
*Bogamu Shadbu - Bruma Region
*Ruccia Albania - Cheydinhal Region
*Sharli - Niben Valley
*Yadba Mughar - Leyawiin Region
*Nania - Bravil Region
*Annika - NorthWest Chorrol[/indent]

Design Notes - This mod is driven by Radiant Ai and a few scripts now - There are Radiant Ai packages that control travel from location to location, follow/accompany , use item packages fixer for weapons, clothes and armor so that when you buy them, they do not disappear from the Traders, and they walk around without such items (They now have clothing in case of use item package fails). A new script that control 24/7 serivces calls an Radiant AI Package. Radiant AI Packages Locations alone take up almost half of the mod.


INSTALL NOTES AND USING TAMRIEL TRAVELLERS - If never installed before, You may want to wait x amount of days once enabled for npc routes to get set and background script's to get processed, before traveling the world ..

Unzip to oblivion data directory and choose esm, choose either normal or 4mmm, 4000, and leveling options

TamrielTravellers.esm - This is the main file and is required (this contain everything that is needed in order to get the mod to run npc/creatures/leveled list and containers expect world cell changes that cannot be in an esm) Will not work without this - Make sure that you read note above about SI install if using that

Choose Only One Version of these at a time...Never more than One..Lead to problems..

[indent]TamrielTravellers.esp - This is the Normal Version of TamrielTravellers, uses information from esm above and add them into into the world along with pets/bodyguards -

TamrielTravellers4MMM - This version requires Martigen Monster Mod..In this version they do not get attacked by bandits, marauders, creatures, etc..they will only attack certain ones and only certain ones will attack them back..

TamrielTravellers4000- for use with OOO, MMMforOOO, FCOM - Addded new OMPRoamingTraderFaction to Travellers4000 - changes are made to faction relationship to be more hostile toward Traveling Merchant's...Bandits, Conjurers, Maraduers, Necromancers , and some Creatures...etc would no longer be their friends with this loaded..so they are open to attack now..This is first TamrielTraveller4000 version to use new faction that was included 000 rc3 and higher version... [/indent]

Optional Files - Choose these to enhance gameplay between other mods -

[indent]TamrielTravellerAdvScript.esp - load before TamrielTravellers.esp or TamrielTravellers4MMM.esp and turn's on flaming death and message's displayed on hit..If you do not use this they will still work normally but just will not have the flaming death and message's displayed when you hit them..

TamrielTravellersFactionAll - Use this is you want them to be friends with bandits, marauders, creatures,conjurers, necromancers (This is the old way will cause problems with some mods do not use with 000, frans creatures , or mmm, or any other mod that changes these faction.. )

TamrielTravellers4MMMhostileFactions - Like the friendly faction's plugin from MMM...but, instead changes the faction relationship to be more hostile toward Traveling Merchant's...Bandits, Conjurers, Maraduers, Necromancers , and some Creatures...etc would no longer be their friends with this plugin loaded..so they are open to attack now..

ShiveringIsleTravellers - Add 7 Travellers to Shivering Isle world that function just like normal Travellers would

TamrielTravellersItemsCobl - add salmo's beer's to alcohol list, add salmo's food to food list...require's Common Oblivion to be installed...can be used with any travellers version (normal, 4mmm, 4000, TIE no Travellers) and with any of these also...itemnpcs.esp, itemsvendor.esp, itemunscaled.esp...[/indent]

Choose Only one these Plugins below..Never use more than one of these...

[indent]TamrielTravellersItemsNPCS - Use for Fransesco's Leveled Creatures , Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Sagerbliv, or any mod that changes default leveling system. With this plugin it allows you to have items from those mods for sale in my mod..

TamrielTravellersItemsVendor -This changes my custom leveling system to use the vendorleveled list used by town merchants, use this if you want to have balance with items that you would find in town...

TamrielTravellersItemsUnscaled - This changes my default custom leveling system so that merchants have matching full suit of normal armor - does not work with 000, frans, or other item leveling mods [/indent]


Shivering Isle Travellers

- SITravellers folder - Contain's updated SI Travellers ESM / SITraveller.esp / SIFriendlyFactions plugin.

SI Support - Use the Travellers.esm in SI Travellers Folder, replace your tamrieltravellers.esm with this one in the SITravellers folder and it will add all items from Shivering Isle (Durable Weapons, Most Clothing, Most of new Enchanted Armor Types and Magic Weapons, New Food, New Flora and Ingriedients nearly all that where not quest related) - You will find these items in both Worldspace Now, Merchant's in Cyrodiil will have these items from SI for Sale in Cyrodiil and SITravellers will have SI items also..else..

Compatiblity notes about using SI Travellers and using with Itemnpc.esp, Itemvendors.esp, and ItemsUndscaled..

Using this will remove all si weapons and armor items that where added to list if using si travellers.esm, but will give you items from other mods instead in si for sale..

So it is either SI items / or items from mod's like Frans, OOO, Armamentarium, etc...for sale from my merchant's..I wish I could have done it another way but this was not possible

you do not have to use this esm to use with shivering isle travellers but it is recommended..

(if you prefer to not have the above item's in si travellers for sale..then use the normal tamrieltravellers.esm it will still work..)

Details of Shivering Isle Travellers

[indent]7 New npcs created from Original Tamriel Travellers, faces with a little bit of changes, They are related to their relatives in Tamriel so they share the same last name..

Locations in Shivering Isle

travellers can be found and are placed at these locations and this is route that they follow

Gate, Split, Hale, HighCross, Bliss, Crucible, FellMoor

They Should enter in Bliss and Crucible and they should reach all location's all new aipackages covering each day of week..around 49 in all for this..Plus night time eat package's have been added to them

Function just like Normal TamrielTravellers in Shivering Isle Traveling from location to location each day

1 Bard, 1 Rogue, 1 Wizard, 3 Trader Types

Works with TamrielTravellersAdvscript.esp will work with them, faction all, items.esp, etc..

Make sure that you have tamrieltravellers installed..

Also with Pets has of version 1.39[/indent]


Mod Compatiblity - Please use Tes4view. If you are unsure than just let me know and I will tell you

Living Economy any Version - Alters all Game Merchants and My Traders gold to be more realistic. Other Road Traveling Mods - Crowded Roads , Crowded Cities , Life - No problems ...

MOBS is supported , Better Potions and Posion, Better Scrolls, etc..Any mod that changes any default item or base object is compatible with my mod..these will be for sale in my mod..

[indent]Clean Save Procedure - You may/or will need to make a clean save for older users if you do not see features listed below in version history, new users just install. To make a clean save, you will need to load your current save with tamrieltravellers and go to an interior cell like your house and save, and exit. Uncheck TamrielTravellers and leave all other plugins that you are using and reload save, tell it yes to error message. Then once loaded save again and exit. Reload once more with that save and save once more and exit. Now install current version, recheck and reload everything should be fine. Older User may need to rename current tamrieltravellers.esp update above to whatever older version you are using to avoid save game problems..(if you where using tamrieltravellers4creatures, then rename to that..) [/indent]

Load Like So in Oblivion Mod Manager

Load an other esm before this(example Fransecos Leveled Item.esm , martigen monster mod.esm, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esm etc..)
Load any other esp before these (example Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp, Sagerbliv's, etc..)
TamrielTravellersItemsNPC.esp(if you would like to have item's for sale from Franscecos, Oscuro's, etc)[/indent]


Version History, Fixes, Addition's


Major Changes to Pets

All Guard Dog's are now unique and use Alienslof Models and textures each have a Unique name now also.
I also varied the size of some of them
All Impling now come in 3 flavor's - White, Gold, Green, nice and shiny plus have unique name also now
All Horses and Pack Guar's have Unique Name also.
Fixed Misc Follow Package for new guard dog in nwchorrol route causing him/her to follow wrong traveller
Credit to Alienslof for New Dog Models and Textures thank you once again..

Leveledlist Changes

Added Oblivion and SI creauture items (that where not quest releated to TTflora and TTfood for sale).
Added some misc food item also that where not in master food list..

I could not find any issue with any new travellers added so I left them alone, also left alone the SI travellers


Outside of Cloudruler Temple -

Fariha the golden imp

White Imp - very shiny -


All esm / esp have been update and date creation date has changed so you will need to adjust your load order has needed..

Additions for 1.37
- 7 New Travellers with Pets Added to NorthWest Part of World
- Locations Chorrol North Gate, south of Sancre Tor, cliffoverlook1, Hermeaus Shrine, Cliffoverlook2, BridgeOverlook, at the end of the black road where it curves
- This needs to be tested for compatiblity with UL Mods, and any other mods that could be in this area
( I cannot test them all so please report any conflicts, I will move travellers has needed)

Specific Fixes

- Fixed Incorrect Faction settings in TT4OOO that could have been causing FCOM_Tamrieltravellers to fail and lead to crashes..

SITravellers Addition's

- ShiveringIsle Friendly Faction - make all faction friendly toward travellers and they will not get attacked by most things in SI..

1.36 Fixes

- Added a few new ingriedeints to shopping list (dark carrot amongst them and few more things)
- Upped chances of travellers gold on death made it more rewarding..
- Fixed issue in Travellers4OOO where legion was attacking them in combat..or they would attack the legion..
- Checked itemsnpc.esp with frans,OOO, fcom, armamentarium4npcs, shield of antiquity, loth blunt weapons, etc..
and so items should show up has needed from mod that add new weapons to leveledlist ..
Make sure you using this to get item's from these mod or else game will be unbalanced ..
(unless you want this then do not use items.esp at all)

Shivering Isle Tamriel Travellers Added

1.35 version

Feb 2008 - Fixes/Addition to/for Version 1.35 [/b]

- TamrielTravellersItemsCobl ver .01 See Above

- Belt Screenshotsm,

http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/co...reenShot219.jpg ,
http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/co...reenShot220.jpg ,

- Credits to Xcommand: For the belt coming from 'Mystic Mage mod' and Jdfan for converting them over for vanilla usage...

- Updated all useitempackages for belt ..

- Added New Black Texture for Guar -

1.35 RC 4...

- Fixed Scripts bugs !!!
- Major Update New Merchant's on Horses with 24 Buy and Sell while on Horseback ...
- New Pack Guars Skins are added also Black, White, Brown,
- I Notice a couple of things when testing the inventory activate..
- Do not try to activate the pack guar or horses to repeatly ..
if you open inventory screen and close it then try to open it again it without waiting for a few sec's or it may not work...
if all else fails on inventory ..try leaving the cell and come back and try it again..
- you may also add item to them I tested for this also..but item will disappear after x amount of days...if you leave them there..
- Also Resized the Pack Guars to be .90 ..They grew up...still tough...
- Clutter Items have been added to all merchant's and are now for sale...

1.35 Changes and those from 1.32 RC

- all the new Veritas faces converted over into each esp...I had to use tes4edit to copy the face data from the esp that Veritas Sent me..
to the esm and then copy this face data back to each version normal , 4MMM, 4000...This took a while to do...
Thanks to Elminster for tes4edit, this would not have been possible without that
I would have to strip data from the esp and merge into esm and then create the esp all over again...
- fixed the menu script option to now say "Disable Pet and Guards " Yes or No...
- now placing the new stump chair...I will make sure that there is at least one or two stump chair in each route region that are travelled by my npcs...
Also this means that all npc should that have an open ended eat package (not tied to a chair or cell) may also use these new stump chair just like the normal stools...
- TamrielTravellers4000 updated - Tweaked the OMPRoamingTrader faction realtionship and tweaked other factions reaction's toward them..
Increased Health of Travellers by 10..
- Nords and Orc will have sell ale now instead of beef..Will use drink mug animation ...Possible for them to get drunk..
- Restoring those female faces that are funky..( RedGuard, Dark Elf, Orc - I may need Vertias help on making them better)
- Change Name of Merchant Archer Guard dog to Canine Hunter...
- Some Item leveled list changes for some of the Merchants so that stock is more diverse..
- Various changes to some chair placements so that they are closer to ground
- Minor compatilbity fix at Wawnett for Cryodiil Transportation Mod
- All aipakcages checked and doubled checked and corrected if needed..
- Ring is added to Player that allows them to turn pets (guars, dog, imp) and Bard Guards on and off ..
By equipping the ring you will get a menu that ask Pet and Guard's Enabled no or yes..
-Tell it no and they are disabled and do not appear in game...tell it yes and they will be in game..
- New script's added that fix this annyonce that I had with Pets / Guards sometime getting lost..
1) once they have been disabled via new menu , and traveller move locations , once you renable them they will update their location and moveto to travellers current position..
2) If they enabled and get more than x amount of distance from their owner they will also update their location and move to travellers current position..
3) Also in case of a pet death or guards die once they respawn they will update the location and move to location of traveller..

1.2 5/12/07
- Design Changes to Routes and Interaction Around Towns and Inns..
- Some Merchant's will enter into these towns - Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Leyawiin, Skingrad..They will travel into the city instead of outside these cities..
The will wander inside cities and will also eat in cities..
- Inns - Where ever there is an Inn (And Possible) they will visit inside these places ( expect Brina Cross Inn - this is where the Mage Guild Quest take's place )..
- Rogues(Dark Elfs) will not enter into Cities or Inns...
- Archers (Wood Elfs) who will not leave guard dog alone..they have a very good bond with their animals..So will Enter into Cities but Not Inns..
- Traveling Merchants with guars will enter cities but not inns ( not enough room for them ) ..
- Bards and Bards Guards will enter Cities and Inns - Bard Guards will Eat also..
- Wizard and Imp's will enter Cities and Inns
-Route Changes Weatherleah Stop has moved to the South.. All Routes have been checked once again... Overhead Tent's have been added to some outdoor locations..
- Updated all plugins to Official Patch - All plugins - ItemsNPC, ItemsVendor, FactionAll, Itemsunscaled..
- TamrielTravellers4MMM has been updated also..
- TamrielTravellers4000 beta has been introduced..This will be updated again very soon..
-Checked Compatiblity with Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items 4.3b, and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32 RC2, Martigen Monster Mod 2.01..FCOM..
- New TamrielTravellersAdvScript.esp - this turn's on flaming death and message's displayed on hit..If you do not use this they will still work normally ,
just will not have the flaming death and message's displayed when you hit them..
- Added in some more Overhead Tents to most locations!!!
- Moved and Fixed some Chairs in Some locations..
- Player Requested Changes Added leveled gold to all traveling merchants...ranges from 20-150 gold...
- Chance to buy daedric armor ..25 / 10 % ...
- Things not added - Bard Guard Eat ( have something planned for them)..

Old changes listed below

1.13 - 3/02/07 - Updated Female Dark Elf Faces and Female Redguards..
Moved 2 Merchants within Cell at WawnettInn and Skingrad .
Added 2 new Features at WawnettInn and Skingrad.. .
Checked for compatiblity and updated for Weye: Imperial District..

1.12 - Outdoor Eat has been added, some mechants locations have moved within some cells..
Bug fixed in TamrielTravellers4MMM when you would get attacked by mmm creatures or npc..the merchants pets would attack you back even if you did not attack them..

1.1 - New ESM / ESP - Total Redesign once more of the whole mod into a master / plugin options..In order to get everything to work the way people want,
I had to go this route..Various Changes Leveling system, Creatures Ai, Faction Changes, etc...To much to list here of what I did to make it this way please enjoy

1.01 - First Beta Test of 4FransVersion
Start of 1.0 - New Creatures, Gaurs, thanks to all those listed above,
Gaurs, Guars, and Gaurs - Only nine can be found following various Merchants. All cities expect Imperial Isle have a Gaur in Routes!!!! Closet is Wawnett, on certain day!!!
Guard Dogs, - Watch their back foot and listen for the bark, bark, beg, growl, growl -
Implings - these little creatures love to get lost!!! Beware they are lot stronger now!!!
Merchant Gaurds for Bards - If you start trouble you will have to deal with them both!!!
Route Fixes - Moved Namira Shrines to Silver Road Stop. Close to ToadStool

Fixes for version .98 - New parts added to script. Message display when hit in left hand corner "Hey, Watch Out!!". Also merchants will explode into fire if killed to simulate magic item breaking/exploding.
Tweaked the Wizard Impling speed to 75, Changed name from Impling to Wizard Impling, Increased distance they follow wizard, you can walk between them now...
Fixed Bard and added Wizard Clothing UseItem packages, when you buy clothing it sometimes disappears from them.( I am looking into this).
Tweaked some Female Redgaurd Faces
Checked Leveling System Once More and made sure all items where correct....Arrows where not being sold in groups correctly.
Checked for Compatiblity with mods Life, Poison Ivy Shop (very nice), and some others.
Checked all Traders to make sure that they had the right flags on them (respawn, correct locations, ai packages, etc....alot almost 500 entries)

Fixes for Version .97 - Can be killed now, Wizard have Impling pets!!!
Added Spells to Roaming Bard they do not sell them.
Leveled item fixes- Jewerly Magic, Added Black Soul Gems, Increased Wizard Restore Magic Potion, Increased chance to buy soul gems,
Day Travel is activate did not point out in version .96 various time in each region.
May require a clean save ( if they are not killable, or do not have pets, do clean save procedure).

Fixes for Version .96 - Requires a clean save to have changes take affect.
Major Fix - New 24/7 Services Script by Scruggsy and Xcom, This new script fixes everything that was wrong with AI not reaching locations properly, buy/sell items when traveling, traders not moving at locations, talking to npcs, etc... that where reported in version .95 and - Thank to Scruggsy and Xcom
Route Fixes - The Fort Nikel x marker and Trader have moved to west of the Fort Itself before the bridge on the Black Road. No longer close to Wawnet Location.

Fixes for Version .95 -
Complete Rebuild of .70 - .90 - All new faces, new order in editor for traders, chest, locations, etc ...Requires a clean save to have changes take affect.
Added Faction Storyline to explain recent changes......
Crime is back in play !!! See Faction Storyline Notes
New 24/7 Services script - The old version would fail sometimes, they do not handshake anymore. I will miss this effect. I will try an work back in.
Updated all Versions to have these changes... Martigen Monster Mod 1.6,
Mercantile Skill has been added back in, Disposition/Personality tweaks, affect Prices...
Rogues will buy stolen items only,
Route Fixes - Flipped the Bravil Route and found two traders at blakenmarch on thursday fixed, no other route changes.
Dropped Notes on Fixes below Version. 90 to save space... ..70 and below where named MerchantPlus (Originial name)..

Please report any problems, On crashes to desktop reload and try the same thing again that you where doing at the point of crash. Try a the clean save, otherwise report them. Please report any bugs.
I am always making changes so . If amount of Traders are too much then I will remove Trader from each Area. Balance any areas, make changes has needed.
So please report on the forum threads, comment section, at each site or just send me an personal message on the ElderScrolls Forum userid Corepc, Tessource Id CorepcMMP.


Please ask for Permission first before using in other mods

goes to these people who have helped on this make this better!!! Way to go Community Work!!!

Guars of Course First - Guar - Mdogger , Xmarksthespot , Grimdeath ,

Martigen and his mighty monster mod. And his help

Xcom , Scruggsy, for their scripting help and design.

Sarkandar for help with Token scripts and moveto scripts..for pets/guards control..

JDMJ90 for making the stump chair for me...

Veritas Secerto for revamping all faces for me
Mr. Siika for His Contribution of the Pack Guars -

Alienslof for her wonderful Dogs

The People who have reported problems, played, and made this better.. We know who you are!!!!



15 screenshots to look at ...[list=1]
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt1.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt2.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt3.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt4.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt5.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt6.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt7.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt8.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt9.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt10.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt11.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt12.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt13.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt14.jpg
  • http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p305/corepc/tt15.jpg