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Turbo Tweak
by You

Note: First of all, your computer should already be handling Oblivion well enough that performance is optimal or pretty good for combat. No use speeding up the game if combat is a slideshow.

Wholly Increase the speed of Oblivion's gameplay with a single .ini tweak. Animations play faster, everyone is quicker, the game is more or less turbo-fied based on how high a decimal above 1 you enter. AI makes its decisions faster than what you are used to. You have more chance to mistime as you try to adjust to a quicker pace. I'm surprised more people haven't been using this .ini tweak already. Makes combat more intense and hyper, increases your margin for error, travel becomes a little less tedius, and bashing chests ( if you use FCOM ) is faster.


There is nothing to download except instructions, which are right here.

In your My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini file

Under [General] there should be a setting called fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1
Change that to fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1.2, save, and then you are done

If the line fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1 is not there, make sure you didn't just miss it
It's not far down on the list of settings under [General]
If it really isn't there then just add it right under [General]

fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1.2 is faster than what you are accustomed to

Try fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1.4 if you are very, very confident in your combat skills and twitch timing
Just don't try fGlobalTimeMultiplier=2 because that would be way too much
And don't do this to your friend's Oblivion.ini because that would be wrong

In your My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini file

Under [General] there should be a setting called fGlobalTimeMultiplier=x, where x is a number
Change x to 1. Save, and you are done.

Hitstop mods will probably reset fGlobalTimeMultiplier to 1. Can't be helped unless you know how to change their script.

Final note: Been playing like this for the past two days with a stable full FCOM + Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul and OBGE v3 with SSAO and DoF. I don't use any ENB, however. Haven't found any problems in all this time. But just in case, don't blame me if your Oblivion splodes.