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The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION


After the critically acclaimed two previous releases in this series, Crusader Alroy and Archer Cethlenn, here comes Battlemage Dillion, the younger of the flaming siblings. Why have this family came to Cyrodiil? What are they looking for? Most likely they're just after some fun.

Be careful with this stubbled bloke. He might be the youngest, but he's also the most powerful. He's such a powerful mage that he rarely uses magic at all. He prefers to chop and mince everything that crosses a funny look with him. I think he wanted to be a Chef once grown up, but his parents said "Nope, kiddo, you'll become a weapon of mass destruction, just like your bros and sis". "Buuuuut mom, how boring, I just wanna to have fun and invent new kinds of sashimi!", replied three-years-old Dillion. "Listen buddy", four-years-old Cethlenn took part in the chat, "dismembering monsters an' giant warriors an' all that stuff is funny. An' you can invent Ogre Sushi, for instance". "Really?", replied Dillion, with sparks of inspiration in his eyes. But I digress...

Anyway, if you want to gave him a try, download, unzip, install and go looking for him. Everything you need to know in order to complete this task is in the Readme. Read it, please.

This mod only requires Oblivion (latest-patched) game itself and the CMPartners Mod. No more, no less.

As with Alroy and Cethlenn, I've used assets created by Throttlekitty, Alasdair of the Skyrim to Oblivion Project, and Wikinger9048. Full credits list and corresponding links, see the Readme (there's a button up there that, when clicked, brings up the readme. Magic!).