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Adds Skyrim-style warpaint for OCO face sliders

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I did a mistake while putting up warpaints for Orc, Dark Elves and High Elves. They are in "textures/nuska" while the right path should be "textures/characters/nuska".
Please copy them manually.

This mod is specificaly made for Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul and uses OCO's face models.
It's adding various Skyrim warpaints and some beard styles to character face sliders. Some of those also include small scars. It will, however, affect random NPC's. Sorry.

- 9 warpaints & 3 beard styles to male human & wood elf races.
- 8 warpaints to female human & wood elf races
- 4 warpaints to female high elf
- 1 beard style to male high elf
- 6 warpaints, 2 beard styles & 1 scar to male dark elf
- 5 warpaint to female dark elf
- 5 warpaints to female orc
- 6 warpaint & 2 beard styles to male orc

You migh have seen in my gallery that there was a skull warpaint for human females. However - it lookied a bit too flashy so I removed it (along with a few other warpaints that were just looking bad to me) from the final file. I might consider re-doing this on some newer mod versions.

My mods are releases or mods I do for personal use. I use OCO and no, I will NOT make request for warpaints to your kawaii animu faces.

Snap, I just realized that there were high-res resources for Skyrim warpaints too. If I get a chance, I'll replace those low-res texture maps I made with high-res warpaint. Keep an eye on this mod!

OCO, of course -

Copy&paste files into your data folder.
Don't be afraid, those are safe to remove since they are not replacers.

Nuska for Oblivion Character Overhaul mod -
JP0005 for Skyrim wapraint resources -