Mystic Emporium Patch by Reubend
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Added: 27/07/2013 - 10:40PM
Updated: 18/10/2014 - 01:02AM

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Last updated at 1:02, 18 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 22:40, 27 Jul 2013

Thanks to The Ice Devil, this patch has been updated to fix a bug where outdoor weather would appear indoors!

If you have the official addons Frostcrag Spire and Battlehorn Castle, then you may have noticed that the door to the Mystic Emporium is locked all day! Furthermore, if you sneak in by picking the lock, the proprietors consider you to be trespassing. Therefore, there’s no way to safely buy the upgrades to Frostcrag Spire. There are already two mods I have heard of that attempt to fix this, but neither is completely effective; for some, the Unofficial Official Mods Patch or the patch by dev_akm remedy the issue, but for others, neither works.

This mod is for those who cannot fix the issue with the patches listed above. It removes the ownership of the door and declares the shop to be a public place. This allows the player to enter legally and go about his/her business. It is not the most elegant solution, but it should work more reliably than the other patches.

When installing this, make sure that your load order sets this patch to load last. If it loads before other files, it could be overridden, rendering its changes useless. You can change your load order with a tool such as BOSS.