craftable light armor and clothing by kaylee1996
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craftable light armor and clothing Version 2

What does this do:
This mod makes crafting possible. For now you can only make fur and fur armor.

How to install:
Put it in oblivion/data folder

where to find:
there is a new house in Chorrol. it's close to the castle

how to do it:
fur armor:
First you look for the pelt spinning wheel. here you need to change your pelts into
After this you go to the fur armor spinning wheel and you can choose what you want to

first you go to the clothes spinning wheel. here you need to change your cloths.
then you can choose to go to the poor/medium/rich/robes desks. here you can choose what to

version 1:
- added fur
- making it possible to make fur and fur armor
Version 2:
- added the possibility to make clothing and robes
- added a crafting guild
- cloths has numbers so you know which cloth you need.

Made by:

thanks to:
stroti for the spinning wheel