BBB for Koganes Mage Leather Armor by HondaTrip
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BBB for Kogane\'s Mage Leather Armor

Description: This is a mesh replacer made from the original mod\'s meshes. I copied the weight paints from my modified HGEC Body that I manually weight painted myself as a rigging machine. the Op1\'s start at .21 and decrease by 2. The Op2\'s start at .1 and decrease as in Coronerra\'s Tutorial. The Op3\'s are .1 for the first 2 rings and .05 for the 3rd ring of vertices. If these weights are heavier than you prefer, don\'t say I didn\'t warn you, LOL.
Included are all 4 tops in their original form, I didn\'t alter anything else.
The body meshes are HGEC E- cup.

Kogane\'s Original Mod- http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/24725//?
A BBB animation replacer such as fore\'s NoMaam- http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/35551//?
A BBB compatable skeleton such as Coronerra\'s_ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/27945//?

Original author requirements: HGEC and Oblivion with latest patch

Bugs/ Conflicts: None. This is a simple mesh replacer, no esp involved. If you don\'t like the HGEC Eyecandy Body, you won\'t like this.

Instructions: Unzip the archive and copy/ paste my Meshes folder to your Oblivion/Data folder unless you changed your file structure. If you did, adjust accordingly.


Kogane for her permission to do this and for making her awesome mod.
Ozmo for the top and jacket mesh.
Coronerra for all he does and excellent tutorials.
Saaya for his Bone Weight Copy tutorial.
Colourwheels, Lanceor, Growlf, Apachii, Andolay Bay, Adonnay and others for inspiring me to learn to mod myself.
Exnem and RAIAR for the awesome bodies.
Beth for Oblivion.
The Nexus for, well, existing.
The Nexus community as a whole. I'd put all of you ahead of any other group of people on the internet, you're awesome!!!

Original Author Credits:
Thanks to Ozmo for the top and jacket mesh;
SPB for the gloves and boots mesh;
Adonnay and Bisquits for the shortsword on the leg;
Sinblood for the Finger armor;
Exnem and RAIAR for their wonderful work on Oblivion's bodies;
Bethesda for Oblivion;
And last but not least, the EyeCandy community for their support !

If I forgot anyone, please, let me know !

Tools Used:

Blender 2.49B
Python 23

If you want to use this in a mod you're making, feel free. Just give me credit for my work and PM me so I can check out your mod. You'll need to get permission from Kogane as she outlines in her original ReadMe, included in my archive.

Happy Gaming everyone, enjoy!!!