Icons for Alchemy Apparatus by migck
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Added: 18/07/2013 - 11:18PM
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Icons for Alchemy Apparatus

Basically what the short description says: I went on and created icons for the different alchemy items, using screenshots of them in the render window, and following this excellent tutorial.
I tried to make them as close in view to the standard novice equipment icons as I could, but frankly I didn't have a very good method. I ended using CS render window screenshots instead of NifSkope ones, since the glass parts kept getting selected for erasing with the color selector. And due to that, the glass parts of the Retort and Alembic are too blue compared to the vanilla icons, due to the gray background color in the renderer.
Included Menus50 and 80 versions, to ensure consistency across all graphics settings! I hope...

To install, drop contents into your Oblivion\Data folder and activate ApparatusIcons.esp, or better yet import it into a bashed patch with Wrye Bash, it is adequately tagged for it.

Included as an optional file is a replacer for the vanilla alembic and retort icons, to match them to the glass' looks from my other icons.

Credits go to Dwip for the excellent tutorial. Now I can make icons out of anything! ANYTHING...

Made with GIMP and the CS Extender.