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0. Name: Male Skyhair for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Maxim K. + DustinFlan, original: Geonox + Apachii
Version: 1.0
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

Skyhair for Oblivion featured @ hot files. YAY

1. Requirements
- Oblivion Patch

- Basic knowledge of Construction Set to put the hairs in the game. The hairs WON'T APPEAR IN GAME UNLESS YOU PUT THEM IN YOURSELF.
However, I have written a manual for some of you. Look for a topic or a stuck comment in respective areas.

2. Recommended mods:
Robert's male body replacer v. 5.2 - that's the body I use for all of my characters
Robert's head06 modifications + races by Max and Flan

3. Installation
Drag and drop the data folder onto your ingame data folder, merge the folders if prompted,

Open your favourite race in Construction Set, add the hairs to the game and to the race's hair list, save. Enter the game, and choose the new hair via showracemenu console command. Save and load while remaining in the race menu, to avoid your characteristics being all screwed up. I think this is all you need to do.

4. Features
The upload contains 3 hairs originally made by Geonox for Skyrim and released in Apachii's Skyhair mod.

Three male hairdos by Geonox were the initial part of the Skyhair to Oblivion conversion project started by Max back in january.
The hairs are also featured in Max and Flan's Dreamer race mod located @ maxheartflan.com, right here: http://www.maxheartflan.com/2013/06/dreamer-race-by-max-and-flan.html
Fortunately for you, we managed to get a permission from Apachii to release these conversions publicly.

5. Known issues or bugs :
None known.

6. Credits :
Geonox and Apachii - mesh and texture

7. Special thanks :
Thanks to my love for the inspiration

Thanks to Room207 for his help with the hair conversions!

Thanks to Bethesda for creating TES Series games

If you're going to redistribute the hairs within your race mod, you need to inform Apachii and myself. Give credit to Geonox and Apachii for the original hair, and maxheartflan.com for the conversion.

For more information, read the readme.

love, Flan