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Angelina's Story:

My first attempt at creating an Angelina Jolie character left me thinking there was no way.
For one thing the lip structure was far too exotic to imitate.
Months later I decided to try again, after finding some new photos of her to input into the Facegen software. Though I don't think any character will ever be a perfect match with Oblivion's facegen, I hope you see a decent resemblance in my character here.


Required Mods:
HGEC body mod is recommended for better neck/body line match but is not mandatory.

If you do not install these mods your character's face may not look authentic:

NOTE: if you already have other facial mods installed, your character may look different.



Install Custom race fix to enable Angelina to leave the Imperial Prison:


Saves Angelina and Angelina Sewers go into Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Saves folder which should already be installed. If it is not there you need to find where it is located.

Install my Data folder I included LAST. It belongs in the Oblivion folder which might be located here, depending on your system where you installed it:

C:\Program files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion

My Data folder should be dragged into the Oblivion folder where there is another Data folder. Do not drag my Data folder on top of the other Data folder that is already there.

Click OK or Yes if prompted to allow my folder/files to install.

DON'T rush into the game; First click on your Oblivion icon to start the game. You will first be met with the menu listing "Play", "Data Files", Options, etc.

Click on Data Files and activate all installed mods by checking the ones listed for this mod. Missing this step will cause the mod not to work.


For best appearance USE HDR setting in Options menu.


This is not a companion mod, but rather a main character mod.

Chimera AKA Urrl AKA Chimera