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These are my first weapons in oblivion. This is my first mod, and this didn't take me very long. I'm quite proud of my work here.

The following is a description of each weapon

Rift Blade:
My FIRST weapon. I modeled this one off of the handle from Mehrune's razor. Funny thing that, now I don't have the proper models for the original. XD Enchanted to silence people, and light them up for a bit, this weapon is great against spell casters.

Soul Ripper:
Another sword. really messed with the normal maps here, and added an x on the blade (Azmodius X). It's enchanted like a hell blade, and thus has fire damage. It also soul traps on strike. Pretty cool. :3

Warhammer of Thunder:
Think of Mjölnir. That's pretty much this hammer. As such, it does shock damage in a VERY large radius. It also scares the shit (demoralizes) people under level 8. Has some epic glowmapping.

Hellfire Bow:
Imagine dunking your enemy in lava. Fire damage. slowing em' down. That's the Hellfire Bow.
Also this shiz glows in the dark. :D later I might add the arrows.

These weapons are all op in the plugin, so if this were to be used in the actual game rather than just for testing, then I would recommend some serious balancing. Also, each weapon other than the first took maybe a half hour to model and texture, so quality isn't what I went for. This is simply me testing stuff out and making my first weapons. Enjoy!