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Disclaimer: The original artist is OK with others hosting and using his music as long as they acknowledge him as the original artist and credit him fully. I have done both and have even provided a link so that others may support him and follow him. I was warned about the fact that the music was copyrighted and I should consider taking down the pack but I feel that this would be ok with the original music creator. He has on many accounts allowed a very similar level of access to his works as this and has been satisfied with only being credited and acknowledged and I have done both. I have even told the original artist about the use of his music so again I feel confident in the use of his music. Also the artist who created the wonderful artwork on my files tab is named Iribel. Check them out here; http://iribel.deviantart.com/

The Minstrels Lament - Music Pack

Description: This is a small music pack that adds very relaxing and lore friendly music to the Cyrodiil worldspace. The music also works amazing well with the atmosphere of the amazing mod called: Nehrim, a third party world. All the music is not mine but the works of this wonderful composer: BrunuhVille!

Track List:

1: Celtic Ballad - The River Song (Vocal and Non-Vocal Version) (Explore and Public)
2: Celtic Music - Guardians of the Woods (Explore)
3: Celtic Music - Hero's Journey (Vocal: Public) (Non-Vocal: Explore)
4: Fantasy Celtic Music - Magic of Love (Explore)
5: Emotional Music - The Immortal Land (Explore)
6: Medieval Music - Celtic Love Song (Explore)
7: Celtic Music - Dragonland (Public)
8: Medieval Music - Wildland (Public)
9: Emotional Music - You and I (Public)
10: Emotional Music - Memories (Public)
11: Fantasy Medieval Music - Dance With Dragons (Battle)
12: Celtic Epic Music - King of the North (Battle)
13: Celtic Music - Legend (Battle)
14: Medieval Music - Medieval Legends (Battle)
15: Epic Celtic - Time of the Gods (Battle)

(The combat songs maybe aren't as fast paced and as aggressive as a combat song should but it is still wonderful music)

Installation: To install simply download the 7-zip archive and open it in your choice of archiving programs like 7-Zip or WinZip or WinRAR (All will work) and drag the folder "Music" and drop it into your oblivion DATA folder and the music will all be in the right place so all you have to do now is go play some Oblivion and have fun.

Compatibility: It is compatible with anything it's flipping music!

Please endorse and go and check out the composer who made all of this amazing music!