A new Castle by Lilpun
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Added: 05/07/2013 - 06:07AM
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I may merge my companion mod into this

This Placed a fully built castle by dive rock. Feedback would be great as I was thinking of adding a town and expanding the area around dive rock. Please comment or message me if you think i should turn dive rock into a city. I will make quests and npcs and you will be able to own the city by defeating some evil as always. I need feedback. I will add a city soon. There is a buyable house and there will be a quest that makes you count.

I have added flora and fauna to make the area more exciting. I have created the quest that kills the count and will soon make you count. I am building the city part and there will be shops and stores where you can buy armor and weapons and stores like jensines. Since i really didn't get too much feedback i will be building a new city and this city might be a main, bigger, city like the imperial city.