Snowy Road To Bruma by Yuril and Drahenne
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Added: 01/07/2013 - 06:26PM
Updated: 01/07/2013 - 06:24PM

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Uploaded by Drahenne


Last updated at 18:24, 1 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 18:26, 1 Jul 2013

This little mod actually comes from SkyrimNexus where I saw it first and totally fell in love with it. Since Yuril's awesome textures are free to convert to other games, I did not hesitate even for a while and went THIS IS MADNESS with Construction Set.

What does it do? It simply replaces Bruma cobblestone and some paths in Jerall Mountains with snowy footprinted texture . I never realised before how much immersion it could add to the game (at last in my opinion). Well, it does. It looks like "wow, someone really lives here!".
Also it adds some more snow in regions that should be more snowy. I can't say if it needs some LOD generating. Hopefully not.
And there are few outdoor lamps in Bruma for a better illumination.

Although texture is rather big, it blends good with snow from Landscape HD. Sorry, I didn't try other landscape mods with this, but since we are talking about WHITE, it should look good everywhere, with everything. It should go smoothly with all the ENBs too. I can't try it now, sigh.

All the credit goes to Yuril, I'm just bringing his jewel here.