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=== Summary ===
This is a patch to the Race Balancing Project and Integration the Stranded Light using the Oblivion Character Overhaul head models and reworking NPCs to match the OCO aesthetic.

=== Requirements ===
Oblivion Character Overhaul
Race Balancing Project
(see the required files links)

1. If you only have have Race Balancing Project installed, you only need RBP+OCO patch.esp.
2. If you have RBP + Integration (traditional) installed, you only need RBP+OCO+Integration.
3. If you use Integration Integrated which includes RBP + LAME + Integration, you only need IntegrationIntegrated+OCO.

NOTE: only RBP + OCO is at version 2.0, the Integration patches are still at 1.0.2.

=== Installation / Load Order ===
The patches should always come after the other mods.
The patch was designed with the following load order in mind:
Body Mods

When installing RBP, it is recommended that you do NOT install the following modules:
- optional fangs
- optional more eyes
- any of the NPC diversity mods

=== Changes made to the Race Balancing Project ===
This mod imports all the data from bgBalancingEVCore.esp, and then redirects head meshes and textures (where appropriate) to OCOs models.
The redirects (loosely) are as follows:
Hidden/Mystic Elves - > high elf
Sea Elves - > dark elf.
Mazken/Dark Seducers - > wood elf
Aureal/Golden Saints - > dark elf
Ohmes/Ohmes-raht - > wood elf
Daedra Seducer - > dark elf
Xivilai - > high elf
There are a few other tweaks here and there such as ear size and default facial features/bone structure. It's hard to really know with just RBP installed, because you are the only one who can be any of the exotic character races that were added. I'll be using this patch as the basis for the integration patches. But I'm so ridiculously busy, I don't know when I will get to upgrading them to 2.0. The 1.0.2 version of the patches will probably (untested) not work well with OCO 2.0, so you'll just have to be patient.

=== Changes made to Integration ===
The Integration version goes through every single NPC (except some of the Dremoras) and revamps the faces to match the new aesthetic. In most cases, I did my best to stay true to the general concept of the original character design in terms of skin tone and general characteristics, but in some cases I found that to be impossible and just made a judgement call. Although it was tempting to "prettify" everyone, I was really going for a much more 'realistic' approach to match the OCO concept. Characters that were intentionally made cartoony in the original will still have traces of that, but should fall within a more 'I could see that happening in real life' range. Granted, this is a fantasy world, but you know, it's my mod. So deal with it. ;)

=== Regarding the example images ===
The supplied example images show the "before" on the left and the "after" on the right.

Although I've modded other things (SDR primarily), I've never done a massive aesthetic revamp on this kind of scale to patch these mods together. I am also not very familiar with integration, as I only managed to get a little way into that quest before I decided to take this on.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome... although I won't guarantee that I will implement any. ;)


P.S. Migck is responsible for the Integration Integrated conversion of the patch. It involves messing with formIDs, so there might be errors. If you find a critical failure in it, report ASAP.

=== Support Forum ===
Here's the current thread at BGSF