StartConversation - Teechans Gesture Idles for NPCs _WIP_ by Teechan
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Added: 25/06/2013 - 12:10AM
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Last updated at 0:10, 25 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 0:10, 25 Jun 2013

When NPCs in Oblivion "StartConversation", they play any combination of animations depending on whether they like or dislike each other. They'll talk about goblins and mudcrabs. They've even heard others say the same! They also play about 10 of the same animations, quite often. For me, a few of those are an eyesore, so I decided to change the ones that bugged me the most.

Some background: After playing Oblivion on the xbox for so long, once I got the game on PC my time was spent making machinima with it. I later wanted to do more then what the current mods allowed me to do. I taught myself how to animate and mod the game.

That's when I saw those poor NPC's - unable to *really* gesture how they hate goblins and mudcrabs! Something needed to be done! I took the 4 animations that bugged me the most and edited them as a simple replacer.

Then I had an idea - perhaps I could release this as an actual mod, and then add more new animations for each update? Of course, they'll still talk about mudcrabs and goblins, but won't look as robotic, monotonous and stale.

Here's the machinimated version of what you'll see in game.

I've tested this to make sure I didn't see any strange anomalies. It should be compatible with ball pose mods, but I didn't test those. I'll also be happy to hear if I need to adjust the animations I've already included. :)

More information is in the readme.

Installation: Drag and drop into Oblivion folder. Make sure TGIN.esp is the LAST of your load order, just to be on the safe side.

To Uninstall: Remove TGIN.esp and the TGIN folder inside of meshes/characters/male/idleanims/

Incompatibility -

Probably anything that replaces talk_armscrossed_motion.kf, talk_armscrossed_motionfem.kf, talk_armscrossed_still.kf, talk_femalelefthand_motion.kf.

Future plans: Adding new animations so that there's more variety in NPC conversations.