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Talos house is a purchasable, fully furnished player house located in the Imperial City. It is conveniently located in the Imperial City Talos district across the Foaming Flask bar. The house can be purchased for a base price of twentyfive thousand gold pieces from Sergius Verus in the Imperial City Market District, in the shop Three Brothers Trade Goods. It will be more expensive if your mercantile skill is lower than hundred.

Talos house stays close to vanilla Oblivion, while still adding some immersive new static objects from other great modders. The house provides a nice place to live inside one of the most expensive districts of Cyrodiil. The house contains everything you would need: three beds, a small alchemy garden, a storage cellar, a private dining room, a library, a spellmaking and enchanting alter, an entrance with armor dummies and a display room. The house contains some low value generic items for decoration. It is suitable for starting charachters (but you probably need around 40 thousand gold pieces to buy it) and for the experienced adventurer. There are no god items or lore breaking items added.

The house also contains many containers, all are safe for storage, no containers respawn. The house is companion friendly, it contains path grids and should perform well even on lower end systems. The house is cleaned manually using the TES construction set.

Download the archive, extract with 7-zip and copy TalosHouse.bsa and TalosHouse.esp to your Oblivion/Data directory. Activate through the Oblivion launcher or by using Wrye bash, OBMM, etc.

Compatibility and load order
No known incompatibilities, this mod only modifies a very small part of the Talos district. If you use other mods that change the Imperial City Talos district you should probably load this mod after those mods. Otherwise, load order does not matter.

Where can I buy this house?
Inside the Imperial City Market District, in the shop Three Brothers Trade Goods from Sergius Verus. The house deed has a base price of 25k gold. Buying the deed to the house gives you the key.

Where is the house located?
Inside the Imperial City Talos District across the Foaming Flask Bar

Are there any quests?

Are there new items added?
A small water bottle with no value, some bug jars, static display dummies and some other minor non moveable objects.

Are all containers, desks, etc. safe?

Problems with placing items, such as staffs inside the staff container
This is hard to fix using Vanilla Oblivion, I recommend a mod similar to Decorator Assistant to correctly position and lock items into place.

Why another house mod?
I couldn't find a large house in the Imperial City Talos district that stays close to vanilla Oblivion. I've been using this mod as my main house for some time now and decided to share it.

Bethesda for creating Oblivion and the construction set
Loths Better Weapon Racks
Garak bookset
Meos Series Booksets - Resource
Meos Armors of Cyrodiil for Dummies - Resource
Meos Open Books - Resource
Strotis Animal Trophy Resource
Strotis bug in a jar

All used modder resources can be used freely, but please send me a message if any credits are missing for objects I use that are not listed above or if you object your assets being used in this mod.